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Each project includes a baseline, mid-term, and end-of-project evaluation to measure project impact. Activities will include design of a Management Information System by the Government of India with flexibility for state-level innovations, streamlined to reduce the workload of the Anganwadi centres, and with data to be analysed and used as far as possible at the level at which it is generated. See chapter 3 on Economic Reactivation:


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However, each project operates in an environment of identified strengths, recognized weaknesses proposed to be addressed by the projectand inherent risks. The risks include overly ambitious workloads for poorly paid front-line workers and bureaucratization of social services.

This financing facility, which will operate through the Municipal Development Fund MDFwill provide matching funds on a flexible cost-sharing basis geared to LGU income levels for LGUs who wish to invest in upgrading their early childhood development services. World bank project case study activities will incorporate rationalization of the workload for the workers of the Anganwadi centres and better world bank project case study ratios.

See chapter 3 on Economic Reactivation: Support will be provided at the central, regional, provincial, and municipal levels. Pain points refer to situations representing adverse conditions, dissatisfaction, bottlenecks or roadblocks impeding implementation.

Each project includes a baseline, mid-term, and end-of-project evaluation to measure project impact. It presents in a comparative manner the responses of the interviewees. Activities will include regular monitoring to detect malnutrition and promote growth; supplementary feeding to children up to six years of age with particular emphasis on those up to three years of age and pregnant and lactating women; semiannual vitamin A supplement to children aged nine months to six homework supervision singapore and an iron folic acid supplement for at least days to pregnant women and adolescent girls.

Secondly, the initiative supports Nigerian infrastructure by equipping local medical centers with necessary resources and skills to meet the needs of the people they service. With a forward looking vision, the strategy recognizes the need to work with different tiers of government and identifies five strategic goals that each support the mission of creating a strong entrepreneurial center with a diversified economy.

Activities will include design of a Management Information System by the Government of India with flexibility for state-level innovations, streamlined to reduce the workload of the Anganwadi centres, and with data to be analysed and used as far as possible at the level at which it is generated.

IEC resource centres are to be established at the state and district levels for the development of communication strategies and IEC materials with input from communities and ICDS functionaries.

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Infrastructure development will involve construction of Anganwadi centres and offices and district offices. Philippines The project focuses on upgrading and extending existing early childhood development services such as the child survival, day-care centre, and parent effectiveness programmes and on piloting new initiatives such as the new national protein-energy nutrition programme and the day-care mother programme.

The project will also provide state-wide programme support for quality improvement; planning, training; management strengthening; information, water thesis statement, and communication IEC ; monitoring; evaluation; and operations research. There will be three subcomponents: The second stage involved implementation of pilot interventions to improve the scope and coverage of early childhood development services.

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  2. A regular monitoring system as well as a mid-term and a final evaluation will be set up to evaluate the impact of early childhood development services and to assess the differential effects of diverse early childhood development packages and delivery systems on child outcomes.

The Philippines has the advantage of being a middle-income country with heightened literacy and a social-service infrastructure largely in place. In India the government has clearly articulated a vision of an integrated early childhood development programme and had succeeded in creating a large infrastructure for the delivery of services.

Singapore cache Set up in to facilitate a self-sustaining enterprise system, the Singapore Economic Development Distributed mppt thesis EDB is the lead agency that plans and executes strategies to sustain Singapore as a global hub for business and investment.

The Foundation became involved in projects in Haiti inwhen the nation was already considered one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. This subcomponent consists of five packages, comprising support for five programmes in all provinces in the three funny cover letter intro regions.

The project consists of the following components: The project will focus on improving the quality of services inexisting centres in the five states and in expanding ICDS into new blocks in each state. These are available in both English and Albanian.

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This financial infrastructure can allow people to access credit, which can be world bank project case study to build small businesses, buy homes, attend college and other key components of a highly developed society. The Financial Infrastructure Development Project follows these guidelines. Activities will include village social mapping and mobilizing resources and monitoring the child-care Anganwadi centres.

Component 1: Guideline for Writing a Case Study We are looking for brief case studies - focused on how a program, project, or other development intervention grappled with delivery challenges non-technical problems that hinder development interventions and prevent practitioners from translating technical solutions into results on the ground in fragile and conflict-affected environments.

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Local Government and Economic Development This publication takes stock of the actions and tools used by local governments to spark economic development, crucially by protecting existing jobs and businesses as well as bringing new jobs and new businesses to their areas.

These concise, engaging case studies will focus on delivery challenges — obstacles that emerge during implementation and hinder development impact — and how implementers responded to these challenges. Component 3: Its project provides assistance in policy reform as needed by emerging business sectors and facilitates the development of SMEs and improved access to credit. Building this base of delivery know-how will deepen our understanding of how development interventions are implemented in context on the ground, the kinds of challenges that hinder implementation, and strategies that allow implementers to overcome them.

The project was intended to expand the teacher training programme, empower poor communities and households, and add new dimensions such as health and nutrition to the existing cognitive development programme.

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The program works locally, by bestowing community doctors and health centers with necessary tools to treat malnutrition, as opposed to having children travel to large hospitals far from their homes. However, writers should identify and focus on the main ones. A meaningful lesson should be closely grounded in the circumstances and context of the case study and avoid broad policy prescriptions.

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In Kenya community ownership of early childhood development centres, an effective teacher training methodology, and institutional capacity nurtured for decades by the Van Reflective essay unimelb and Aga Khan Foundations and UNICEF were valuable pre-project strengths.

Cross-cutting issues and implications for future programmes. Here is another example of a development project: In conveying the preferred direction of the municipality, the strategy covers the five key stages of organizing the effort, the local economy assessment, strategy making, strategy implementation and strategy review.

And as noted above, the installation of reliable streetlamps will improve public safety, especially for women and children who are often understood to be most vulnerable to assaults.

This report shows the analysis of the BEE survey for Albania. In addition, continuous social assessments will emphasize qualitative data collection on community perceptions, needs, and priorities for rapid assessment, analysis, and feedback to the community.

The Casebook also contains good practice notes and comments. This section should also introduce what the intervention was, who persuasive essay on stem cell research it, and when it happened. To this end, the project has worked to replace high dependency of expensive fossil fuels with solar energy in communities across the country.

It includes a comprehensive breakdown of the municipal budget and a thorough local economy assessment. As an independent administrative body, IFEZA provides various types of administrative services for businesses. Subcomponent 1.

IFEZA provides an example of a spatially targeted approach to facilitating economic and private sector development. Powering Haiti with Clean Energy, The Clinton Foundation The Clinton Foundation is an example of a globally active non-government organization NGO that supports projects to improve development in impoverished regions and countries.

This section is not about explaining the overall results of attempting to address delivery challenges, but could include evidence of development outcomes for beneficiaries when available and relevant, using qualitative and quantitative data.

This would involve training of functionaries of both the new and old blocks, strengthening or establishing training centres and training teams at the state and district levels for the different categories of functionaries, developing training material, distance education for professional upgrading of ICDS functionaries, and networking with other departments and institutions for requisite training in additional areas.

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The investment packages will need to supplement or upgrade barangay-level early childhood development service providers, including rural health midwives RHMsday-care workers DCWsday-care mothers DCMsbarangay health workers BHWsand child development workers CDWs. Table 1 summarizes the core monitoring indicators identified by each of the projects.

Baselines, mid-term reviews, and final surveys will be undertaken by pre-selected institutions with technical guidance, supervision, and quality control provided by a technical panel of experts. As an example of a agency approach to business and local economic development, EDB works with businesses to upgrade value-creating operations across manufacturing and internationally traded services.

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Facilities, equipment, and supplies such as drugs, food supplements, teaching materials, and IEC materials will also be provided to achieve specified service norms. It is accompanied by an interesting section detailing the development of an agency approach to LED that has been established to oversee strategy implementation.

Please read the guidelines carefully before writing your case. It aims to crowdsource stories of how programs across different sectors, organizations, and regions are navigating the implementation challenges that emerge in fragile and conflict-affected environments.

Quality improvement teams are to be formed at the state, district, and block level with ICDS programme management. Functional and trustworthy central banks are crucial to development of strong financial infrastructure.

Bulgaria City of Smolyan Local Economic Development Strategy Developed as part of the Cities of Change program, this LED strategy pursues a step-by-step approach to strategic planning that covers the five key stages of strategy development.

The organization was founded by the Clinton family and works within several different focus areas, including global health, economic inequality, climate change and others. Following the devastating earthquake there duringthe need for aid in Haiti was heightened more so.

Better Hydro: Compendium of Case Studies 2017

It is useful for readers of the report to compare the results of different municipalities and consequently draw conclusions on their relative performance or conditions. Here are three detailed descriptions of typical development projects.

Four specific areas are to receive emphasis: The DELTA program focuses on building institutions within municipal governments and exploiting private sector resources that can foster and support policy reform for private sector development. This Casebook seeks to provide an understanding of municipal approaches to LED strategic planning by identifying good practice in strategic planning methodology.

It is based and developed on the concept of creating conditions for improvement of the business environment, creation of new enterprises, development and growth of existing enterprises and attraction of domestic and foreign investors.

Philippines Kenya The project covers about 1. Districts were selected on the basis of a composite indicator that took into account the availability of early childhood development services, health and nutrition status, school enrolment, drop-out rates, and income.

Most interventions encounter many delivery challenges in the course of implementation. The components of the project are described below.

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world bank project case study Yemen is understood to be the poorest country in the Middle East and North Africa Region, a situation exacerbated by the political crises that resulted in massive, violent protests throughout the nation and the eventual overthrow of the existing government.

The nation has suffered financially, especially since that time The World Bank, This section should world bank project case study computers essay writing on how the key findings from the case study have general applicability to development practitioners who work in environments characterized by conflict, fragility, and violence.

With technical support from the project, LGUs will submit proposals for three-year investment packages for appraisal and implement them once approved. Activities will include pre-school education for children three to six years of age, early childhood stimulation for those up to three years of age, promotion of awareness of the importance of early childhood stimulation for all care providers, and opening of public nurseries in selected locations.

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The ultimate purpose of this work is to help practitioners make more informed decisions on program implementation and produce consistent results on the ground. In this sense, the Project extends beyond creating a more functional banking system, in that it implicitly supports other forms of development.

Development challenges are issues that countries face which, if resolved, would significantly contribute to ending poverty and enhancing the quality of life of their citizens.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Prijedor Entrepreneurship and SME Development Strategy This strategy is focused world bank project case study entrepreneurship and small- and medium-seized development, the anticipated main element of economic development for the Prijedor Municipality.

This section may include discussion of pain points, inflection points, and efforts to adapt and course correct. More information about the competition can be found in our FAQs. The pilot components will include the following: The tools are relatively simple — a persuasive essay on stem cell research peanut paste and vitamins administered in prescribed dosages — but the program has been incredibly successful, treating more thanchildren as of July Sorenson, The project will cover about 2.

This section should also include results, explaining what happened to the delivery challenges, whether expected or funny cover letter intro, positive or negative, as a result of the actions taken described in the previous section. Monitoring and evaluation It is too soon to assess the performance of these projects. The project initially focused on upgrading the performance and management of about 20, existing early childhood development centres application letter for telephone operator teacher training and essay on essay meaning capacity building.

The project seeks to fill this gap.

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Lessons maximum words This section should provide a set of keys lessons learned on implementation. GDI is currently seeking submissions of case studies on projects and programs in fragile and conflict-affected environments.

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The team will provide a set of integrated early childhood development services, consisting of child health services including micronutrient supplementationa programme to control protein-energy malnutrition, parent effectiveness services to promote psychosocial stimulation for children under three years of age, day-care centre early education, and day care for children of working mothers.

Delivery Case Studies A core goal of GDI is to construct an evidence base of delivery know-how that cuts across sectors, countries, and organizations.

Results of this effort include newly constructed schools with electricity and solar powered street lamps, which vastly improve the safety of nighttime travel when compared to dark roads clintonfoundation. Introduction maximum words This section should introduce the development challenge and provide the context for why addressing it was necessary and important.

The GDI and its partners use a variety of tools to support practitioners on the ground, helping them adapt to dynamic contexts and identify and address stubborn delivery challenges throughout implementation. You can find information on how the taxonomy was developed here.

However, the quality and coverage of the services are still far from adequate, particularly in the least well-off areas.