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Tables, figures and illustrations must be presented in a size and format that can be read. Do not include a copy of the signed thesis approval form within the thesis. Curriculum Vitae Upload your CV. For jointly authored publications, indication must also be given as to sample sat essay passages relative self perception thesis statement of the collaborators and co-authors, and a statement as to the proportion of research and writing conducted by the student. Since many readers are likely to view the thesis onscreen, it is recommended that you use a font with easy screen readability, such as Georgia 11 point, Times New Roman 12 point, Trebuchet MS 10 point, or Verdana 10 point. In most fields, the primary or senior author is listed first, with the other authors listed in descending order of importance. If any of the work presented in the thesis has led to any publications accepted or publishedthese publications must be listed clearly in the preface with their bibliographical details and an indication where in the thesis this work is located e.


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It is the responsibility of both the student and the supervisor s to be aware of any specific requirements of the student's department with respect to the student's thesis. Certification of transcripts and degrees must be effected by imprinting them with the official seal of the institution or by endorsing them by hand with the original signature of the responsible university officer eg, Registrar, Admissions Officer, President.

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This practice is admirable and would resolve many of the difficulties and disagreements regarding authorship. The likely circumstances for restricting access to a thesis include: Defined consistently in the separate papers.

Thesis Dissertation Guidelines | Faculty of Science Dedication optional 5. Not because we want to see you go, but because we don't have a lot of offices for graduate students and must soon reassign your desk to someone else.

Please go in to the FGSR and talk to someone at the front desk. Official Certified English translations of original language documents must be literal word-for-word translations presenting the same order of information and format as the original.

  • In special cases the University may withhold the use of its name as an affiliation where it believes that the work is not of an acceptable standard.
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For this reason, theses submitted from University of Alberta graduate students are included in: Read through the individual papers and look carefully for any place where there is a remark like: Dedication optional 5.

Students must choose one numbering system and stick with it.

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In addition, authors should declare any potential conflicts of interest to the journal editor when they submit a manuscript. The position of the number must be consistent throughout the thesis, either at the top center, top right, bottom center or bottom right position, and visible when the thesis is converted to a PDF format.

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Curriculum Vitae Upload your CV. The Department of Computing Science reserves the right to require a demonstration of English language proficiency.

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The recommended best practice is for each department to develop its own special guidelines in order to inform graduate students, academic staff, and other collaborators in research. Colour can be used.

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It is a student's responsibility to contact the Dean of FGSR if there are any extenuating circumstances that warrant an extension to the original embargo period. MacGregor Thesis Submission To be means of argumentative essay for convocation, all students in a thesis degree program must present a thesis embodying the results of their research and the topic must be approved by the student's supervisor or supervisory committee.

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Contact Information. This means that all grades, comments, dates, and discussion must be sample sat essay passages. Depending on your country of origin, you and your spouse and children may also need to obtain a visitor visa. Footnotes, Endnotes and In-Text References Whichever style is used for footnotes, endnote or in-text references, students must use a consistent style throughout the thesis.

These documents must be received prior to electronic submission of your thesis. Make sure all these concepts are: As far as possible, it should be an original contribution.

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Over the years, various standards or criteria for graduate cover letter templates have been proposed and defined. Note that permission may be needed if the co-authors hold the copyright in these publications.

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In principle, graduate students should not undertake, nor supervisors involve, students in research for a thesis when the thesis project is part of a contract which prohibits public access to a thesis. Single spacing may be used for long quoted how to make a friend essay and footnotes. The student's department has been delegated the authority to receive and approve a request for restricting access to a thesis for up to two years.

  • Supply comparative tables or figures in the concluding chapter to summarize all major results from the separate papers.
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PDF version if submitted electronically Two copies if submitted hard-copy submitted. Students are responsible for checking the FGSR website for complete university of alberta thesis submission up-to-date information.

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The student may also wish to consult the booklet produced by the FGSR at: