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The scholastic homework hub of the thesis follows, divided into chapters. The table of contents should not contain listings for the pages that precede it, but it must list all parts of the thesis or dissertation that follow it. These reasons tend to be of a personal nature. A dissertation submitted to the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of Public Policy. This need not be the year you graduate. Other Questions: The author's name. Each page must be assigned a page number.


Order and Components - Thesis and Dissertation Guide - UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate School

Other information may be included, but should be directly related to the thesis or academic discipline e. Please consult the Sample Pages to compare your document to the requirements. Include the first and last name s of your advisor or formal co-advisors. Include page numbers for these items but do not assign separate chapter numbers.

The single most important aspect of style is consistency: This section to contain details of methodology, tabulated data, and other pertinent data.

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Illustrative Material Keep illustrative material within the margins defined above. Include one double-spaced line between each entry. If an entry takes up more than one line, break up the entry about three-fourths of the way across the page and place the rest of the text on a second line, single-spacing the two lines. Do not include titles such as Professor, Doctor, Dr.

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Be sure that your name and the title exactly match the name and title used on the Title page. Do not include the name of other committee members.

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If an entry takes up more than one line, single-space between the two lines. All preliminary pages should be listed, except for the title page, the copyright page, the approval page and the table of contents itself. Main body, with consistent subheadings as appropriate Appendices if applicable Endnotes if applicable References see section on References for options Many of the components following the title and copyright pages have required headings and formatting guidelines, which are described in the following sections.

Abstract Include an abstract page following these guidelines: Do not center or right-justify the abstract.

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Do not place a heading on the dedication page. Title page master thesis releases from previous publications may be included in the Appendices. Use the advisor's name only; do not include any professional titles such as PhD, Professor, or Dr. This is the modified version of the original Latex template from aforementioned website.

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For better contrast, use cross-hatching rather than colour for shaded areas. Use as many lines as necessary. List your department, school, or curriculum rather than your subject area or specialty discipline in the third bracketed space.

When indicating your degree in the second bracketed space, use the full degree name i.

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The Vita Auctoris page must be the last page of the document, year 1 problem solving ideas must be assigned a number and listed in the Table of Contents. Copyright releases from publications may be included in the Appendices.

Include one double-spaced line between the heading and the first entry. Be sure to describe the subject and focus of your work with clear details and avoid including lengthy explanations or opinions. Your title and abstract will be used by search engines to help potential audiences locate your work, so clarity will help to draw the attention of your targeted readers.

How to Create a Title Page for your Dissertation

Front matter preliminary pages: Palak Kapoor. If a name is too long to fit on one line, move this entire section of text slightly to the left so that formatting can be maintained. List of Abbreviations If you use abbreviations extensively in your thesis or dissertation, you must include a list of abbreviations curriculum vitae de ali bongo their corresponding definitions following these guidelines: One single-spaced line below that, center the year in which your committee approves the completed thesis or dissertation.

Project Titlepage Modified v 0. All pages following the body of the text must be listed too, including the Vita Auctoris page. If using the traditional format, the bibliography follows at the end of the thesis body. For more background see this page on the howtotex site.

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The template is pre-loaded in writeLaTeX so you can get started straight away - there's nothing to install and no sign up required. Vita Auctoris "life of the author": You may number consecutively throughout the entire work e.

The name you use here does not need to exactly match the name on your university records, but we recommend considering how you will want your name to appear in professional publications in the future.

Dedication, Acknowledgements, and Preface each optional Table of Contents, with page numbers List of Tables, List of Figures, or List of Illustrations, with titles and page numbers if applicable List homework chart free printable Abbreviations if applicable List of Symbols if applicable Chapters, including: Homework chart free printable in doubt about acceptability of print, bring critical thinking brain lobe sample to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Should match the Table of Contents in font size and general style - list not only the figure captions but also their page number.

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It includes some added features such as a cover page, line-numbering, draft watermarks, word count, and highlighting and commenting capabilities. Assign each table, figure, or illustration in your thesis or dissertation an Arabic numeral. When subheadings are included in the Table of Contents, they may be indented differently from the chapter titles or set in another type style.

If you're new to LaTeX and want some tips on how to write a paper, why not try out free Interactive Introduction to LaTeX course - split into three parts, it covers all you need to write a complete paper, including figures, tables, and a bibliography.

Format Requirements

If maps or charts necessitate the use of larger sheets of paper, check with the Office of Graduate Studies for advice. Frits at http: Include the phrase in parentheses.

If relevant, be sure to list all appendices and a references section in your table of contents.