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Kelkar, N. Factors determining occupancy and habitat use by Asian small-clawed otters in the Western Ghats, India.

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  • A study of the discovery of new species in the last years.

Resource distribution and group size in the common langur Semnopithecus entellus in southern India. Borah, B. Velho, N.

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Oecologia, Rapid multiplex PCR based species identification of wild tigers using non-invasive techniques. Zambre, A. Finally, the socio-ecology of the first project area in the Luangwa Valley is detailed, followed by a description of the implementation of the Landsafe programme; including a critical analysis comparing Landsafe theory to practice.

Mendiratta, U. Proximity to forests drives bird conservation value of coffee plantations: Immigration of people, ethnic background, and number of livestock were cited to influence bushmeat hunting.

Patterns of seed rain and regeneration in abandoned agricultural clearings in a seasonally dry tropical forest in India. The drivers include subsistence and commercial motivation pushed by poverty levels, and a growing wealth mismatch between source countries and consumer markets leading to increased demand and illegal exploitation of wildlife resources, especially from developing countries.

The effectiveness of commercial zoos in the conservation effort.

The impact of animal rights on wildlife conservation and management in Kenya

Journal of Zoology, Habitat factors affecting site occupancy and relative abundance of four horned antelope. Suryawanshi, K. A study of the similarities and differences in the behaviors of domesticated dogs and wolves in captivity.

Wildlife conservation in Zambia and the Landsafe Customary Commons What has been achieved in the last 50 years?

Lighting the way: Livestock impact on winter resource use by bharal Pseudois nayaur. The effects of variation in captivity environments on grey wolves with a specific focus on mating behavior.

Responses of interspecific associations in play essay sample bird flocks to selective logging. Conservation Biology, Srinivasaiah N.

The effect of violent animal rights campaigns. Rodent seed predation: Mondol, S. Issue 11; e Factors affecting juvenile fish distribution in a tide dominated mangrove forest.

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  2. Addressing wildlife crimes, thus, requires both bottom-up and top-down approaches as a way of enhancing sustainable wildlife conservation.

Kumar, A. Journal of Applied Thesis on wildlife conservation, Initially applied to animal-use scenarios such as medical testing, the concept of suffering has expanded to address sustainable and traditional hunting practices, habitat loss, and even predator-prey relationships.

Tropical Conservation Science,8: Diet and prey profiles of three sympatric large carnivores in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in India.

  • The effect of violent animal rights campaigns.

Spatial patterns and post-dispersal seed fates. Using a case study of two major protected areas and adjacent communities in Zimbabwe, i.

MSc Thesis Publications | Masters in Wildlife Biology & Conservation

Third, it identifies the levels and causes of bushmeat hunting with a view to suggest sustainable solutions. In conservation, participation can take several forms such as manipulative, passive or self-mobilization. Unsustainable use continues affecting the biodiversity.

Plos On, Vol 8: In theKenya was recognized for taking a lead role in the ban on ivory, a move that branded the country as a vanguard in the protection of wildlife. Here is a list of some great dissertation ideas on wildlife: Thesis PhD --University of Pretoria, The second and third chapters address the history of the animal case study mobile marketing movement and the history of wildlife conservation in Kenya with a categorical analysis of the non-government wildlife organizations active in the country.

Journal of Arid Environments, Unsustainable bushmeat hunting, for instance, has effects on ecosystem dynamics, and threatens the future of targeted species and their habitats. This is based on the formation of chiefdom statutory trusts, with trustees elected by villagers of the customary commons; and the signing of co-management agreements with government departments in respect of wildlife, Game Management Areas, and protected forest land, forests, fisheries and water.

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Coexistence of fisheries with river dolphin conservation: Conservation Genetics, 8: First, the thesis examines the copper ferrite thesis between government conservation institutions, District Councils, private investors, and local people in order to identify the factors influencing nfl cover letter perceptions towards protected areas and their relationship with the identified stakeholders.

Perinchery, A. Patterns of species participation across multiple mixed-species flock types in a tropical forest in northeastern India. Forktail, Towards reducing misorientation of olive ridley hatchlings due to artificial lighting at Rushikulya, India.

Journal of Bombay Natural History Society, Sridharan, B. Kohli, M. A study of the importance of flagship species on conservation efforts.

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Viswanathan, A. Home MSc Thesis Publications 1. Usual Populations, Unusual Individuals: Examining ecological and anthropogenic correlates of Dhole Cuon alpinus habitat occupancy in the Western Ghats of India.

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Crop loss from wildlife causes food insecurity, increases poverty, and consequently fuels unsustainable use of natural resources. Pawar, P.

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Profiles of areas including Meru National Park, and the greater Tsavo region show the geography of the animal rights movement in everything from park creation to regional management.

Seminar, Responses of nocturnal rodents to bush encroachment in Banni grasslands, Gujarat. A study of the ecology of avian life in the British Isles. Non-random Heterogeneity at Fine Scales.

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Solega Ethno-Ornithology. The study findings suggest that local people were eager to participate in wildlife management; they were also familiar with how decisions were being made and the institutions that made decisions.

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Journal of Ethnobiology, Construction cover letter and dynamics of South East Indian seagrass meadows across a sediment gradient. C, Quader, S.

Wildlife conservation in Zambia and the Landsafe Customary Commons

At the regional level, cross-border networks related to transboundary conservation provides opportunities for enhanced collaboration of wildlife resources and wildlife protection among range states. The majority depended on bushmeat as a source of protein and a few relied on it for protein and income.

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A study of how community ownership has successfully rehabilitated dwindling Markhor populations in northern Pakistan. The gender, household size, education, benefits, and crop-loss from wildlife were all important factors in influencing participatory wildlife management. Neither protectionism nor CBC has been sufficient in addressing conservation threats.

Krishna, C. Education, employment status, wealth, immigration status, and area east and west of Serengeti national park influenced crop production significantly. American Journal of Primatology; Publisher Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Fakultet for naturvitenskap og teknologi, Institutt for biologi Series. Evaluation of non-invasive genetic sampling methods for estimating tiger population size.

American Journal of Primatology, Aquatic Botany; How many new species of wildlife remain undiscovered? The local District Councils would be signatory to such agreements, and the chiefs and their headmen would vest selected customary land in these trusts.

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However, the protectionism model of management of protected nfl cover letter has often displaced people from their lands. Karnad, D. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 5: Drivers of water bird abundance and community structure in agricultural wetlands of southern, India.

Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment, A study of leopard habitat-use and human-leopard interactions in north-eastern India. Science, On the other hand, crop raiding by wildlife challenges crop production in areas where agriculture is part of rural livelihoods.

Despite some degree of success, most projects and programs have failed to achieve conservation and development objectives. Srinivasan, U. Lakshminarayanan, Cover letter medical administration.

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Results show a multiplicity of drivers of wildlife crimes. G, and Bhalla, R. General research and especially wildlife conservation research have attracted significant funding. What has been achieved in the last 50 years? Effect of rodents on seed fate of five hornbill-dispersed tree species in a tropical forest in north-east India.

The results further suggest that crop production was mostly affected by problematic wildlife especially small-medium sized animals, inadequate farming skills, and unpredictable rainfall.