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Small scale industries essay in kannada. Industrial sickness - Wikipedia

Small scale industries may be defined as industrial units with a capital investment of not more than Rs. This arises due to credit restrains policy, delay in disbursement of loan by govt. Handicraft industries include a large number of crafts backed by centuries of experience and skill.


Industrial sickness

This is another reason for the sickness which comes under external cause of sickness. Main article: Financial assistance is provided by the government. Even as coal miners face overpowering respiratory threats, and foundry and key components of a thesis statement workers have to confront major physical threats from large heavy quantities of extremely hot materials, each facet of industrial production has its hot-button health issues.

They are in no position to compete with their better equipped rivals operating modem large scale units.

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This result is poor project planning and execution. On the other hand small scale units are making only 40 to 50 percent use of their installed capacities. Major problems faced by the small scale industries are: These small scale units are also exposed to marketing problems.

These enterprises are promoting various social objectives and in order to facilitate then working adequate credit on easier terms and conditions must be provided to them.

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The second cause for the sickness is related to marketing. They are not in a position to get first hand information health centre business plan the market i. Small Scale Industries: Many small scale units have turned sick due to lack of managerial competence on the part of entrepreneurs.

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The key is an aggressive work-up on the health issues for a given segment of the industrial workforce, and usually broken down by type of work which makes sense. Where the total number of large Essay writing key terms which are sick were units at the end of year increased to units in the end of next year Moreover, they lack requisite resources to update or modernise their plant and machinery Due to obsolete methods of production, they are confronted with the problems of less production in inferior quality and that too at higher cost.

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Handicraft industries include a large number of crafts backed by centuries of experience and skill. Small scale units essay writing key terms not fully equipped to overcome all these problems as is the case with the rivals in the large scale sector.

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More than 30 million people work in these industries. Rapid progress in science and technology, backed by rapid industrialization of the country will not only bring prosperity by raising essay writing key terms standard of living but will also make us self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Another internal reason for the sickness of SSIs is inappropriate personnel management policies which includes bad wages and salary administration, bad labour relations, lack of behavioural approach causes dissatisfaction among the employees and workers.

Essay on "Small Scale Industries in India" ( Words)

Moreover, due to limited financial resources they cannot afford to avail services of project consultants. The manufacture of bicycles, sewing machines, agricultural implements and tools, sports goods, soaps, storage batteries, electric fans, leather footwear and handloom weaving are some examples of small-scale industries.

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An entrepreneur is a pivot around whom the entire enterprise revolves. Managerial inadequacies pose another serious problem for small scale units.

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All these factors are going to adversely affect the quantity, quality and production schedule of the enterprises operating in these areas. Cottage industries arc small scale industries but distinguished from the other small scale industries on the basnis of location. This including wrong demand forecastingselection of inappropriate product mix, absence of product planning, wrong market research methods, and bad sales promotions.

External causes for sickness[ edit ] a Personnel Constraint: At the end of yearthe member of sick units in the portfolio of scheduled commercial banks stood at 1,47, involving an out standing bank credit of Rs. There is both time interests of these small scale enterprises.

Therefore, in competition with better equipped large scale units they are placed in a relatively disadvantageous position. Any industry can be classified into more than two or three categories. Cottage Industries: These enterprises are still struggling with the problem of inadequate availability of high cost funds.

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The various constraints, the various problems faced by small scale industries are as under: Small scale industries are not in a position to play their role effectively due to various constraints. These entrepreneurs do not attach much significance to viability studies i.

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As per an estimate units in the medium and large scale sector were either closed or were on the stage of closing in the year Another external cause for the sickness of SSIs is lack of finance. In order to safeguard the interests of small scale enterprises the Government of India has reserved certain items for exclusive production in the small scale sector.

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Inexperienced and incomplete documents which invariably results in delays in completing promotional formalities. Image Source: Small scale industries normally tap local sources for meeting raw material requirements. Work is done with simple tools and equipment, some of which may be power driven.

Industrial sickness - Wikipedia

There is inadequate availability of transportation, communication, power and other facilities in the backward areas. Likewise on the other hand the number of sick small scale units were also increased 1.

And this position also remain same in the next decades. Project feasibility analysis covering all these aspects in addition to technical and financial viability of the projects, is not at all given due weight-age. Small scale units are thus forced to purchase the same raw material from the open market at very high prices. Wood carving, inlay lacquer work, decorative furniture, metalware like bidri and filigree, artistic items made from horns and bones are examples of the handicraft industry.

Internal causes for sickness[ edit ] We can say pertaining to the factors which are within the control of management.


This will enable us to maintain our political independence and pursue policies without being pressured in any way by other countries. Some other examples of village industries are handloom, cane and bamboo baskets and other products, coir-making, shoe-making, pottery and leather tanning.

The solutions will have to be tailored to the specific industry, and only in that way can any real effect be made on improving the health and productivity of the industrial workforce. Entrepreneurs are faced with the problem of getting power connections and even when they are lucky enough to get these they are exposed to unscheduled long power cuts. Small scale entrepreneurs are not fully exposed to the latest technology.

10 Major Problems faced by the Small Scale Industries of India

Small scale industries play a vital role in the economic development of our country. Handicraft Industries: Thus, the Tata Iron and Steel Industry can be classified as a mineral-based industry, a basic or key industry, a large-scale industry, essay writing key terms industry, private sector industry and a heavy industry.

These labour related problems result in lower productivity, deterioration of quality, increase in wastages, and rise in other overhead costs and finally adverse impact on the profitability of these small scale units.

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A small scale unit located in a remote backward area may not have problem with respect to unskilled workers, but skilled workers are not available there. Modern business demands vision, knowledge, skill, aptitude and whole hearted devotion. The first for most important reason for the sickness of small scale industries are non availability of skilled labour or manpower wages disparity in similar industry and general labour invested in the area.

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Thus their operations will become uneconomical and unviable.