Short Paragraph on Honesty is the Best Policy

Short essay on the topic honesty is the best policy. Paragraph on Honesty is the Best Policy in English – Long and Short Paragraphs

The effects of dishonesty are much the same in the case of clerks, merchants, government servants and others. Honesty Keeps You out of Troubles: The fruits of honesty can be enjoyed for long term and be cherished for life time. Being a lie person may lose our all privileges of being trustworthy in the hearth of our family members, friends, and other close ones. Honesty is like a good weapon in the life which benefits us through many advantages and it can be developed naturally without any cost.


Long and Short Paragraphs on Honesty is the Best Policy in English

It reflects your respect for others and for yourself. If we have evils and wounds in our lives we need to accept them, own them and address them. The fruits of honesty can be enjoyed for long term and be cherished for life time. Honesty is the property which gives lots of trust and respect in the life of honest people.

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Being honest sometimes puts you through hardships but ultimately it always leads you to good. A politician who fails to deliver on the promises he has made the people during election campaign loses the peoples faith and stands to lose the elections the next time around.

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The reason why we often lie is that we see the short term gains but these short term gains may have long term consequences that we need to consider. Being a truthful person in the family and society is like being awarded all through the life by the dear ones as well as nature. Below are some points describing the benefits of an honest lifestyle: Honesty is not only means to tell the truth however it means to care and honour the feeling of the associated people in our life.

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Honesty helps you develop good relations and friendships based on trust. Honest people live comfortable life with lots of relief however a dishonest. So, it is important to keep a clean slate by always being honest in life.

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It gives the secure feeling and makes you more reliable. Honesty is topic for essay writing in interview of the building blocks of good character and character is what establishes who we are and what we are going to achieve.

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Honesty is the best policy is a most famous proverb said by the great person named Benjamin Franklin. A person with good character, ethics, and morality in the life easily develops honesty because a good character person has nothing to hide to anyone thus can be honest easily.

Long and Short Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy in English

Being honest helps us to focus on the most important things in the life to us. Being trustworthy helps us to build a strong relationship by assuring others about our trustworthy nature. Ap world compare and contrast essay some people, being honest is not that easy and such people might find themselves lying almost every day.

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And this will prove to be the building block of success. If you believe in yourself and value yourself then you would voice your true opinion and express yourself.

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The student who cheats in an examination may, if he escapes detection, gain a few marks more that he would otherwise have got. Some people who do not have dare of telling truth to their dear ones, generally tell lie and face bad situations of being dishonest.

When you choose to live the life of integrity it will be painful at times but soon you will realize that honesty is much easier path that leads you to satisfaction in all aspects of life.

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  • He learns thereby to trust to dishonest means of passing his further examinations, and neglects hard work, the only sure means of success, Guess, even if his dishonesty remains undetected, he is likely to be out stripped by his more honest rival, and in addition he exposes himself to the risk of an ignominious conviction, which will run his reputation and surely wound the hearts of parents and friends.

You may be punished for it, you might have to bear the consequences of it, but if you are honest you will earn the forgiveness and respect of those around you. To build any relationship the foundation has to be trust earned through honesty.

So far we have been considering the question merely from the point of view of material success, and have seen that the dishonest man is very unlikely to succeed in life.

As per the saying, one should always be honest and sincere in all aspects of life. Use your honesty to encourage others and not to degrade others. Being honest with everyone in our life help us to get mind peace because we do not have to remember the lie which we have told to people in order to save us.

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It allows you to focus on the more important things in life. Honesty is Appealing: Honesty is The Best Policy It is possible that dishonesty may succeed for a short time, but honesty is sure to succeed better in the long run.

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On the other hand, people who are dishonest never get second chance once they tell lie to people. Being honest help us to be trusted by the people in our surroundings or closer to us.

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  • However, the person following the saying of honesty is the best policy in all the aspects of life personal, business, job, and other relationships generally live the same life.
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People who constantly lie not only lose their friends but their reputation since no one likes associating with dishonest characters. To be or Not to be Honest: Being honest and expressing yourself freely makes you feel great. Being honest is very important in the relationship because no relationship can be successful without trust. Select Page Honesty is the Best Policy Essay Honesty is the best policy is a proverb that refers to the importance and value of honesty in our life and how it rewards people who follow it.