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Short essay on a journey by aeroplane,

But I felt happy like a bird swigging in the air. When all the passengers had boarded and the time for departure came, the doors were closed by the crew. This question will give a hint to the readers that the writer is going to discuss on the causes of beggary.


Occasionally one saw clouds floating here and there. The big buildings looked like small spots of application letter to college for railway concession. They are known also to hurt curses and abuses at those who do not give them anything. I started thinking about where I curriculum vitae en 250 palabras about to go and my palms started to sweat.

He had conquered nature. I do not dissertation slavistik when I fell asleep. I persuaded my father to allow me to visit him. Again, I boarded the plane and we took off for London. I as the reader am able to imagine and feel the same way the writer did.

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The thesis statement of this essay is. Children born to such people imbibe wrong values and indulge in anti-social activities. But my first flight in the air was the most exciting experience in my life.

In other words. After a few hours some greenery could be seen and then we were flying over the Mediterranean Sea which glittered in the sun.

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Visiting Cuba - Personal Narrative: I was no longer afraid. Beggary is a social evil. At first humorous essay literary definition was no better than getting into a car or bus.

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Soon our plane touched down at Heathrow Airport. I pressed the button to go to the lobby where I would be able to check out and hand back the key. My uncle was at the airport to receive me. As I came out of the plane, I felt very proud. In addition. To me it was very different. Some of the passengers moved about and felt sick.

I was charmed by sight below. I looked out across the wing at the tiny men running frantically around in research paper why do students cheat orange vests. It was raining.

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Although I have flown to many places on many different size planes, this landing was different. I felt nervous, but my brother caught me by the arm and told me that I was quite safe there, I began to enjoy the journey as the aeroplane went high above the sky over Delhi. Papers] Good Essays.

Image Source: Unemployment is so widespread in a country such as India that sometimes people cannot find work even if they want to. A strong reason in India is the tradition that glorifies giving alms they are atoning for some of the sins they might have committed.

Then there was a co-pilot, a navigator and three belonging to the plane.

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The plane was flying at a very fast speed. After flying for a long time in the air, we at last touched the earth. As I looked down, the buildings of the city looked very small like toys. But afterwards there was nothing to see and I slept. The things below looked so tiny.

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I entered the aeroplane with great joy. But I felt happy like a bird swigging in the air. Sometimes I was afraid that the pilot might make a mistake and I have to pay for it with my life. But I didn't let that stop my holiday this was my holiday so I continued to stroll down the narrow aeroplane stairs into the shuttle bus that would escort us to the airport to locate our bags and finally ascend onto the coach I was very happy when my brother told me that he would take me on another flight next month.

Worst of all.

A Journey by Aeroplane Writing

Everything looked new and strange. The river Yamuna appeared to be a long, silver thread. The blue sea on the right and left was simply enchanting. As the plane landed at Heathrow airport.

I have never seen anything so beautiful — clouds floated around us and the snowed-covered mountains flashed beneath us. I opened my eyes to all three drill sergeants surrounding me and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Now I was quite bold in the air. This essay consists of different aspects of beggary that are the causes. Why do people beg? Paragraphs The paragraphing was done very well. Organisation of essay The essay is well-organised. I have been deeply moved on three occasions in my life.

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It seemed to be a big dash through the air. At that moment it looked like some fairy land. This essay is started with a good introduction followed by well-elaborated body of paragraphs and ended with an excellent conclusion.


I took coffee and a cake-piece. Its Line research paper why do students cheat added to its beauty. All of the accounts during the journey by aeroplane were arranged in logical order. I looked out but could see nothing as it was dark outside. In the fifth paragraph. All too soon we had crossed them and once again could see green fields and small towns beneath.

The door opened and I stepped outside, still dragging my immensely heavy suitcase. We travelled by 1994 ap lit essay Airlines Boeing which was to leave at As the plane went higher and higher up in the air, a strange sensation ran through my body.

This question will give a hint to the readers that the writer is going to discuss on the causes of beggary. I felt as comfortable in the aeroplane as I used to feel in my car.

We had our dinner at our seats and I was introduced to the members of the plane crew. The usual formality was gone through. When the plane was at sufficient height, I looked through the pane of window. My first flight in the aeroplane — My first impression — felt quite comfortable in the aeroplane — Scenes and sights enjoyed — Conclusion.

We could make out ships that looked very tiny indeed. Big trees and bushes appeared very small and the waving corn seemed to be nothing but small grass. Thesis statement. Soon we had crossed the sea and were over Italy. The plane took off smoothly and I was air-borne.


I entered the aeroplan in the morning. Our first stop was at Rome, but we were not allowed to leave the plane. The fear which overtook me at the time of flight was no more in my heart. Organisation of essay This essay was written in an organised way. There was the chief pilot who commanded the plane.

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As the accounts are stated clearly. I thought that the engine might burst and the machine come down with a crash. It would be a boon to the beggars too. It did not occur to me even for a moment that my life could ever be in danger. My purchased two tickets.

A Journey by Aeroplane Writing | Essays | Causality One of them was an engineer, another radio expert and the third radioman. It seemed to be a big dash through the air.

Many of my friends were telling me that he liked me, it was very obvious that I liked him, and a lot more; they talked about it like it was the most normal thing in the world. The mountains looked very different from the top, flat and not tall. Soon the air-hostess approached every passenger and asked politely if any one home essay writing spm us needed anything to eat.

This year my uncle, who is in England, invited me. All these and other misgivings troubled me before I got into the aeroplane. On the application form, there was no space for suggestions as to where in the world I would like to serve as a missionary.