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This arrangement is called a hybrid solar cell and these cells should theoretically be more efficient than their fully organic counterparts. Problem Statement High speed and low power consumption power electronic devices has been used in the conversion of DC to AC [2]. IEEE Grenoble. Methodology of Research Methodology adopted for the proposed research work will consist of the following main stages:


Several new materials, processes and device structures need to be developed for the concept to work. The large of solar energy which arrive into the earth is about megawatt in a minute.

Based on survey of Proffesor Ricards Smalley from Rice University about the biggest problem that will deal with human for the next 50 years, energy is on the first.

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These systems were to be studied by device fabrication and characterization, photoelectron spectroscopies, and ultrafast laser spectroscopies. Organic-inorganic metal trihalide perovskite where A is an organic cation.

Tin is also members of thesis statement for single parent families group 14 metals.

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IEEE Transactions. Grey Wolf Optimization GWO technique simulink model is presented that is the latest research towards maximum power point tracking of Solar cell [12]. By doing so, we hope to greatly enhance the electrical current of hybrid devices, and therefore, the efficiency as well.

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  6. We will use novel organic precursors such as formamidinium iodide and urea hydroiodide to achieve thermally stable perovskites.

The work will provide knowledge for the techniques of managing load with the integrated system which is requirement of an electrical Power engineer. An optimized research work is carried out to enhance the management of grid connected PV system to reduce installation cost and electricity tariff which is valuable for both industries and home use [11].

Problem Statement High speed and low power consumption power electronic devices has been used in the conversion of DC to AC [2]. IEEE trans.

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Manjunatha A. Sustainable Energy. Organic-inorganic crystalline perovskite materials have in last two years proliferated the photovoltaic research community and solar cell based on these materials promise to reach the same efficiencies as crystalline silicon.

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Because the high production and installation costs lead to long payback times in most regions. Solar cell is an alternative energy which is still in researching until now. Page 2 Interconnection of renewable power sources with conventional grid with the use of power electronics and embedded systems which is providing reliability and flexibility for electricity consumption.

Research Projects The large of solar energy which arrive into the earth is about megawatt in a minute. The two cells are connected using novel tunnel junctions.

We will use novel organic precursors such as formamidinium iodide and urea hydroiodide to achieve thermally stable perovskites. A dramatic roughening of the surface topography upon Ca doping of ZnO was studied using atomic force microscopy.

Selain itu kekurangan dari solar cell silikon adalah penggunaan bahan kimia berbahaya pada proses fabrikasinya.

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Since that time, solution-processed small-molecule-based materials have been shown to have comparable, and sometimes advantageous, properties compared to polymers. Problems Objectives and Goal.

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Problem Eventhough perovskite solar cell has almost achieved the efficiency as crystalline silicon. May Pages Related Interests. Page 3 introduced replacing traditional centralized unit which as a result reducing deregulation in the electric power sector [9].

But there other issue for using this perovskite is the toxicity of lead in that material, and as such a key scientific challenge is to replace the lead in the perovskite crystal with a less toxic metal, but no successes have yet been reported.

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The conventional photovoltaic and popular to be used is dominated by crystalline silicon. The photovoltaic only emerge as primary power source if the cost can be lowered further to become cheaper than generating electricity from coal.

The reserve of fossil fuels around the world implicatly in is for 40 years for oil, 60 years for natural gas and years for coal.

The research results will be a useful addition in the current field of power system integration and will provide new ways to tackle the problems faced by the engineers. The term perovskite is given to all compounds which have the general chemical formula ABX3.

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We responded to this development by adding tasks to study small molecule materials. Incremental conductance method is adapted to track maximum power point of solar cell using cuk converters also the environmental impacts on the solar module efficiency is investigated [8]. The study will try to replace Pb in perovskite with Sn and find the possibility to get higher efficiency of this lead free organic-inorganic tin halide perovskite solar cell.

Integration of power sources and its real time load monitoring involves some robust and effective control algorithms for harvesting and distribution of electrical energy which ultimately helps in reducing complete blackouts or brownouts. Project Progress Summary:: Abstract Non-technical: The grid interaction of PV system is summarized with their different aspect which is providing safe.

Utilization of Research Results Present research work is valuable.

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Solar photovoltaic PV energy conversion is an important technology for generating low-cost electricity to replace coal-generated power. Safari and S. In particular, we proposed to study systems consisting of a polymeric organic donor material, and an inorganic metal oxide acceptor.

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Technical Abstract The proposal is focused on designing and fabricating a monolithic tandem cell structure with a high gap perovskite cell deposited on top of a high efficiency CIGS cell. Page 5 References [1].

Research proposal for Master Degree From various renewable energies like wind, biomass and hydro power, the using of photovoltaic is a potential altenative energy.

  • However, currently that low cost is almost always accompanied with a low efficiency and this has several drawbacks.
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Exciton dissociation is affected by the alignment of energy levels in the organic donor and inorganic acceptor materials while charge extraction is affected by the ability of an electron to reach an electrode without first falling from its excited energy state.