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More women than men in all three population groups shown in Figure 1 had married for the first time, and this is because women are generally younger than men at the time of their first marriage.

Age at first marriage and choice of partner

Similar results have been found in the U. Sampson and John H.

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One of the few studies that have looked at this correlation found that persons who married later in life more often found a partner with a different ethnic background than those who married younger. Cohabiting women are 8.

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  • In other words, with regard to adult religious worship, frequent worship in adolescence significantly mitigates the negative effects of growing up in a non-intact family.
  • Likewise, children living with their married stepparents have significantly better economic outcomes than those living with cohabiting stepparents.
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Wiik, Kenneth Aarskaug Tonne, and Alexander W. Register data includes the entire population and makes it possible to examine small population groups, such as Norwegian-born to immigrant parents over 18 years. Persons who have not yet married by the end of are removed from the dataset, and are thus no longer included in the risk population denominator.

Family Facts.

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This also applies to immigrants. Written by: Laumann, et al. Intermarriage and spouse import in the immigrant population of Norway. Accessed 20 July Fagan, Andrew J.

Early marriage – same background - SSB

We know far less about the choice of partner among persons born in Norway to foreign-born parents. Norwegian-born to immigrant parents are persons born in Norway, with two immigrant parents, and four grandparents born abroad.

Another factor that comes into play is the socio-economic disparities between immigrants and those without an immigrant background; if the disparities are relatively small, the likelihood of cross-cultural marriages increases.

Direct marriage rather than cohabitation prior to marriage has a positive effect on religious participation in young adults. Accessed 8 September Among women without an immigrant background, those who had chosen a husband with an immigrant background were slightly younger This was because persons without an immigrant background mainly chose to cohabit in their first live-in relationship.


Only data on behaviour What lies behind these findings is difficult to determine with the data used here. Accessed 27 July Likewise, children living with their married stepparents have significantly better economic outcomes than those living with cohabiting stepparents.

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Nine out of ten men and more than three out of four women 77 per cent born in the period had not married by the end of see Figure 1. Among those research paper on marriage pdf an immigrant background, it is particularly men whose wives have an immigrant background that get married later in life for the first time. Persons who emigrated from Norway or died before they were 18 years old are also excluded.

Found on July 8, In order to study the unique correlation between key independent variables or explanatory variables here immigration type and the dependent variable, controlled for other independent variables, a so-called regression analysis is done. In addition to telling us how close contact there is between those with and those without an immigrant background, marriage across immigrant backgrounds can promote integration with society in the long term Kalmijn Family problems, love or marriage matters, career or work related problems, business success, healthy problems and worries,or need to know the nature of problem in your life?

These fundamental tasks, well done, in unity between father and mother, make for a very good marriage.

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Stop your marriage or relationship from breaking apart. Among women without an immigrant background, the probability of marrying a man with an immigrant background was, however, greatest among those who married for the first time somewhat later in life.

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This article covers immigrants who moved to Norway before the age of Tidlig ekteskap — lik bakgrunn. Fagan, Thomas J. Good marriages are the bedrock of strong societies, for they are the foundations of strong families. Todd K.

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For example, it could be envisaged that socio-economic characteristics of potential partners, such as education and income, are more important than country background after a person has completed their education and embarking on a career.

A similar pattern is found among men see Figure 5although the disparities are generally smaller than for women. High precision indicates a low standard of deviation in which data points hover around the mean, homework and standardized test that the influence of one variable over another is relatively certain.

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Manning, and S. This particularly applies to Norwegian-born with an immigrant background, research paper on marriage pdf reflects their young age. References Birkelund, G.

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