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Pte essay on human behavior. PTE Academic Writing Sample Essay - How Law & Society Affects The Behaviour Of A Person

But I disagree with this notion as I have some logical and rational reasons to explain this statement. Write about the following topic: Sometime by keep following the rules we make our habit and it come into our behaviour such as giving indicator light before making car turn to other direction. For example: This example clearly shows that the absence of law may create an unfavourable environment for the smooth functioning of the society. They become more refined and civilized as compared to the ancient people who used to live in the absence of laws. From media to peer, society can have both good and ill influence on a person. You should write words.


It is recommended that law should be enacted and sample application letter for automotive technician should follow those rules to make the world peaceful and friendly.

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These are dictating to how to use and interact with the facilities timber frame house case study comforts means. Anything that is not favourable to any person, will only follow because is frightened of law enforcement punishment.

PTE Academic Essay: Law Changes Human Behaviour

Pte essay on human behavior some believe society plays an important role to build a good behavior rather than the law. The fear of punishment stop people from going against the law.

Mostly opulent people do not bother about that law because there is no rigorous punishment and heavy fine over this practice. Do you agree with it?

Fasten seat belt before start the car accelerator or stop when signal light turned red. As without these laws, human being would be more animalistic, thus law changes human behavior.

PTE 70 Score Essay on "Some people believe laws change human behavior. Do you agree with it?"

But I disagree with this notion as I have some logical and rational reasons to explain this statement. In this article I am going to lay my opinion after analyzing the both sides. For example, rules of corporal punishment, ban on alcohol in public places, duty to environment.

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The mental harassment can bring considerable adverse consequences like going against the system. To summarise, the above analysis establishes that there is a strong positive correlation between law and human behaviour.

Law, in general, is written rules and regulations that are meant for individuals or groups of the society.

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Harsher punishments are awarded to the offenders in many countries. It also influences the society as a whole. Often the value or education we get as a teen from schools or colleges affects the kind of person we are today and that shapes up our personality as a whole.

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Moving further towards other features, the stubborn nature of the individuals can only be softening through the introduction of rules. For example narcotics laws prevents the people from the drug abuse.

Few people are of the view that the rule of the land changes the conduct and the nature of persons. For instance, there is a law of vandalism but when people roaming in the public parks and gardens, they start plucking the flowers without thinking pte essay on human behavior vandalism law. Do you agree with it?

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  2. For example narcotics laws prevents the people from the drug abuse.
  3. The law which is against the nature of a person will never result with the behavior changes.

Apart from this, the absence of laws give freedom to do according to their choice. The set of policies are also referred as legal laws from the state for the citizens for their betterment.

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To begin with, countries with the strict laws have a minimal crime rate. In our day to day life, we as a citizen of a country are supposed to follow its laws which are meant for our betterment. Therefore, legislations definitely affect our behaviour.

Essay – Some people believe laws change human behaviour. Do you agree with it? | pteielts

These rules clearly exemplifies how it develops responsibility in human behavior. In this way, linear traditional laws can never change the attitude of person. There is no denial that every individual has its own unique personality and thoughts, but we have seen that they are shaped by the society we live in and culture we follow.

Complete the topic within 20 minutes.

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This example clearly shows that the fear of penalty lead to obedience in human behavior, thus following traffic rules. Law was created, and intended, to guide and shape behavior.

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The unspoken social norms not only changes the behavior but attitude of the follower. In this sense, laws do influences people behavior in very significant ways. Thirdly, certain laws also help the citizens to remain healthy.