Linked List Programming Interview Questions

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How do you check if two strings are anagrams of each other? Ask follow-up questions to get more details. If you think these 10 questions from the array is not enough and you are interested in solving more array-based programming problems then you can also check out this 30 array based coding questions for more practice.


This list covers most important topics e.

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How did you do it and what was the result? How to find multiple missing numbers in given integer array with duplicates?

Array Coding Interview Questions

Find two items that describe you, and brainstorm specific examples of how you demonstrated those characteristics on the job. How do you find the start of the loop? So what do you say? How do you traverse a given binary tree in preorder without recursion?

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How to find the largest and smallest number in an unsorted integer array? Sounds silly, but interviewers need to feel that they can vouch for your likability. Have you interviewed anywhere else?

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Programming questions on Array An array is one of the topics where most of the programming questions are asked. How do you check if two strings are a rotation of each other?

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How to find duplicate numbers in an array if it contains multiple duplicates? How to find the largest prime factor of a given integral number?

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How to calculate the square root of a given number? For example, a subtree is also a tree which means you can apply same steps to subtree can devise a recursive solution.

Describe a situation where you faced serious challenges in doing your job efficiently.

String Coding Interview Questions Along with array and linked list data structures, a string is another popular topic on programming job interviews. Red flags No answer.

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Programming questions on the tree can become increasingly difficult when you think iterative but sometimes can be very easy if you come with a recursive solution. How are duplicate characters found in a string?

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How to remove duplicate nodes in an unsorted linked list? We'll start the list by first exploring array based questions e.

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Remember, the way you solve the problem is being evaluated just as much as your final answer. It is also one of the dissertation la conscience de soi suppose-t-elle autrui topics of interviewers and you will hear a lot of questions about an array in any coding interview, e. A linked list is nothing but a list of nodes where each node contains the value stored and the address of the next node.

In fact, you want to avoid coming across as a specialist. The ideal tech candidate is a master of both solo, unsupervised work and agile collaboration.

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You can refer it to answer this question. And, if you feel 10 is not enough questions and you need more practice, then you can also check out this list of 30 array questions. How to find the starting node of the cycle?

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Programming Questions on Numbers Most of the programming questions are based on numbers and these are the ones which most of us did on college level and mind you they still has value I have seen programmers with experience of 3 years struggle with these programming questions and doesn't solve it some time and take a lot of time which simply shows that nokia case study questions and answers are not in programming in there day to day work.

Searching and element require traversing linked list, which means examining all nodes, thus cost around O n time.

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