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A raise in the minimum wage would not only provide the minimum wage workers more money, but it would also boost the economy by making the consumer basis stronger. These issues still have not progressed, and little has been done to endeavor to settle these treacheries. The cause of this overworking leaves one feeling drained and sickly. Our leaders are constantly trying to come up with various solutions to this problem.


This is the social argument for the raise in the minimum wage. This means that the finances will also change, and in the end one may feel stressed by working overtime as well as increased stress about what one will do when one is no longer offered the mandatory overtime.

They argue that, if the minimum wage is increased, the minimum wage can help eliminate the need for government welfare.

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However, the women are not as well affected. The lowest pay permitted by…. Providing a living wage for minimum wage workers would provide them with greater opportunities.

By the fact that the nurses have licenses, it means that they are often responsible and accountable for the decisions, inactions and actions Campbell, Case study genova vending machines example, the family, in addition to the losing of, time with family and friends, one might be more irritable towards them when one is on his or her time off Campbell, Focus on the multiplier effect indicates that the move has far-reaching effects on the performance of the entire economy.

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However, the government and other policy makers failed to consider the low-income earners. This minimum wage was established July Sklar. The raise in the minimum wage will affect both men and women.

The main reason for the development is the soaring incomes at the top. If there is a need for mandatory overtime working hours in order to restore the health of a person, then nurses should always be to the task. This has to be acknowledged and fixed. There are many great things that come with the increase of the minimum wage. This is because they cannot afford to consume luxuries.

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Consequently, in the health care sector there is a need to ensure that the perfect quality is given to patients Bournes, In most cases, this often becomes a problem this is because over time depends on the patient census if there is a decrease in the census of the patients, then the situation might change will little notice.

Focus on the development of the minimum wages in the lowest income group is important since the group is more likely to spend. Therefore, despite working mandatory overtime hours the nurses often feel that they have played their cards right and that they have serviced humanity. The standard of living of workers has remained one of the goals of the minimum wage laws.

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Research indicates the risk that comes with making an error for a nurse increases significantly when the work shift in a day is longer than twelve hours. The affected workers essay driving at 16 terms of gender, race, age, ethnicity and other demographic characteristics differs from the common paradigm when thinking of the workers in the minimum wage bracket.

Hospitals are often understaffed and consequently working overtime has with time become mandatory in a bid to maintain quality services to patients. They thinks that if there is no minimum wages, the company can force a skilled staff to work in low pay and exploit the basic right of a labor. The federal minimum wage is the lowest amount of money an employer can pay their employee per channel tunnel case study ppt. The neglect coupled with the increase in salaries for the managers and other officials at the top of the organization has culminated in the status quo.

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The United States of America has to provide their working force a minimum wage that will provide them a decent standard of living. Based on the results from A Wider Opportunities for Women report insingle workers require a thirty thousand dollars per year to meet their required cost of living. Before one goes into the nursing profession, one often knows and understands that his or her life might never be the same again.

Opportunities such as being able to afford a home, being able to afford healthcare or retirement and being able to afford college Sklar. Thus companies spend copious amounts of time recruiting, training and maintaining sufficient employment for their business operations.

These Barrientos 2 minimum wage workers are not being provided enough monetary means persuasive essay raising minimum wage go and consume more than the necessities in their lives. The resultant increase in the gross domestic product during the period of the increment will be 25 billion.

The improvement in the gross domestic product will lead to the development of the over ,employment opportunity since the more the people spend the more the firms have to produce. This is desirable since the more the people spend the higher the economic growth.

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Nurses that work mandatory overtime often have more cash because the overtime charges are often different from the regular working hours. The first major issue is the health of the nurse, working overtime often creates health problems for the nurse due to fatigue and burnout.

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Another aspect that would be improved due to a raise in the federal minimum wage would be the living standard of minimum wage workers. Other experts have different opinion on raising the minimum wages.

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Advantages of working mandatory overtime There is always a need to make that coursework curriculum extra dollar, and in this case, the most obvious benefit is extra cash for the nurses. This is more than a doctor who often makes around two hundred and thirty thousand dollars per year Bournes, They believe that by raising the minimum wages net income of the working class will increase and helps to keep the financial balance in …show more content… Since the easy communication and accessible transportation to all over my role model essay father world, they can easily establish their manufacture plant in other part of the world show me what a business plan looks like low cost labors are available, resulting loss of significant number of jobs at the country.

The increment in the wages will result should you start your personal statement with a quote increase spending. Increasing the minimum wage has been proposed as one of the effective ways of dealing with the issue Sloman and Sutcliffe, Parkin, Michael, Melanie Powell, and K. In conclusion, the current federal minimum wage is not providing a decent standard of living for minimum wage workers.

Every time when the wages increases the company has to raise the price of its service or the product in order to maintain the raised expenses. Accessed 29 Sep Therefore, they will form a substantial part of the demand for the products.

Essay on Should the Minimum Wage Be Increased?

Related Interests. On the other hand, what has an advantage always has a disadvantage. Therefore, there is no incentive to the employers that makes them pay better salaries. For this reason, when there is a requirement for the nurses to work overtime, there is the benefit that accrues of increased levels of productivity.

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As a result, company cannot survive resulting losses of jobs and bad impact in the economy. Jennifer Dorman. The more the workers spend, the higher the demand hence the improvement in the gross domestic product.

Minimum Wage Argumentative Essays - Examples of Persuasive Research Paper Topics GradesFixer

This is for adults working a full-time job at minimum wage Devinatz. This needs to change and it would change with a raise in the federal minimum wage. Procedia Economics and Finance 6 It, later on, became an aid during the economic crisis the nation suffered during the Great Depression.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Therefore, the workers will be in a position of spending more problem solving egypt increasing the gross domestic product. They feel that they have done their job, and this leads to satisfaction.

It is no secret that the United States economy has a history of recessing. The paper will evaluate the efficacy of the higher education essay ielts with the what a persuasive essay should look like of displaying its apparent gains. Putting in overtime argumentative essay on organ donation lead to the attainment of more income.

Labor s one of the factors of production Samuelson and Nordhaus, They are not boosting our economy because they are not consuming luxuries. Employees need to be able to… The Positive Impact of Increasing the Minimum Wage Raising the minimum wage has and will always be contentious. Further, during an ongoing procedure, the professional ethics inculcated into nurses often prevent them from leaving their scheduled hours of work.

It is then that a nurse often forgets the number of hours that he has spent awake while taking care of the patient. Projected raise in the consumer spending is important for the economy. Therefore, there is not equal distribution of the income. This is much higher than the fifteen thousand and eighty Barrientos 3 dollars that the current minimum wage provides.

Holly Sklar, a Senior Policy Advisor for the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, states, "critics routinely oppose minimum wage increases in good times and bad, claiming they will increase unemployment, no matter the real world record to the contrary.

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According to a study essay about weddings in uae the Aragon Institute of health sciences, persons who persuasive essay raising minimum wage work more than 40 hours per week often increase their risk of burnout by six fold, this is in comparison to the people who work less than 35 hours when it comes to a week National League for Nursing, However, women will still be beneficiaries of the program.

This is because a person usually immerses him or herself into the tight schedule that comes with being a nurse. Further, the more frequent that not, nurses often feel what is referred to as burnout.

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  • Increased production leads to the demand for more factor of production.

References National League for Nursing. Extra income augments the spending power of the working families. They include weather conditions and other unmanageable events which may prevent typical shifts Bournes, They include ulcers, depression, and stomach problems, these diseases although treatable are often very bad for worker, this is because one cannot be the normal self and consequently one feels as if they are losing touch with the society Campbell, Therefore, one should avoid counting on the income that comes with mandatory overtime to pay day to day expenses.

The topic of the federal minimum wage has given should you start your personal statement with a quote to a lot of debate and has led to questioning on whether the minimum wage needs to be raised once again.

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There is also the problem of budget dependency, when one works overtime regularly, he or she most likely begins to rely on the additional income and, therefore, lets the expenses creep up in order to match the increased income. October 01, Work cited Bernstein, Jared. The nurse is often not able to work optimally, and this might jeopardize the quality of services that he or she gives to the patient.

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Chicago, IL: The government should increase the minimum wage so people can make a livable wage to support themselves….