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Favourite Magazine speaking part 2 cue card with answer IELTS EXAM Did you like the post rate the post Favourite Magazine speaking part 2 cue card with answer What it is and why you read it What are the benefits of reading a newspaper or a magazine How often you read it and what are the contents of it Well, magazines and newspapers are the great sources of information and these also tells us about something that we want. In February, I read that people in the University of New Castle invented a new technology to do the mitochondrial donation. When I was a teenager, my peers used to read Harry Potter books and as far as I can remember they were a mainstream. What it contains I decided to subscribe to it because it saves me time! Describe a magazine that you often read. I'd like to describe a magazine that I usually buy each month and enjoy reading a lot. Besides, the Real Life section also provides with the knowledge of real life and I have applied some of the tips in my real life — they did well. In Australia, a good number of magazines are available.


I am really fond of this magazine.

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As a professional in the healthcare industry, I love this magazine and it is quite helpful for me. But whenever I get time in the evening or right before the sleep at night, I have a look on the magazine.

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It is distributed freely, and published on monthly bases. The arts section contains articles on painting, sculpture and music. It is specifically useful for people who love computers, software and technology related news and updates.

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As a result, the readers of the magazine come to know about a lot of things from a single place. Each of the copy is comparatively cheaper than the other contemporary magazines. This is a great entertainment magazine and contains almost all the gossips that I need to know about local and international celebrities, cooking, fashion, lifestyle, diets, foods and more.

You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. As the name implies, it contains information, news and reports about the latest developments in medicine.

IELTS Cue Card Sample - Describe a magazine that you often read

The newspaper is edited with easy and reader-friendly language and thus the readers of all ages could comprehend the contexts easily despite being Hindustan Times as English daily. Did you speak for a full 2minutes? I am not pretty sure where I first heard about this magazine but I think I found my father bought this magazine sometimes and from there I came to know about this magazine.

But if we examine sincerely, we will notice that there are some differences between these two.

IELTS Cue Card Your Favourite Magazine -

Tips for answering this cue card topic: There are lots of reasons but I think what I like most is that you find articles written from different viewpoints. For example, those who like sports will read sports magazines, and those who are tech savvy, will read tech magazines.

I love the articles it provides under its recipes category. I have gained a lot of knowledge by reading this magazine.

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Adolescence time is a transitional period of life so most of the children's hobbies and pastimes change during this time. Follow-up Questions: I also love to travel but managing days for a long travel is really tougher for me. I can buy it from the hawkers as well. For instance, magazines are smaller in size than newspapers and usually more expensive.

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But I would like to talk about my favorite magazine. Besides, they also can generate newer ideas and implementation them on decorating their respective households through the earned knowledge from the magazine.

E Why is this magazine better than similar other magazines? Academic training would be another important aspect to become a great news reporter. Describe a local newspaper in your city. Later on, I have bought this magazine from the nearby paper stand and after reading several copies of this magazine, I learned the contents and stuff of this magazine.


All the information in my favourite magazine essay ielts magazines is useful for my work. Once I received sample of Olay total effects. The images published in the magazine look like real and most importantly the images are taken with the permission of the subjects for the case of celebrities and natural. However, I will continue reading the magazine even if the subscription fee goes higher.

Almost every registered medical laboratory technician read this magazine regularly. So, if someone misses the printed short essay on a birthday party of the magazine, this is easier to read the articles and stories on its online version.

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Apart from the United States, this magazine reaches to an additional 40 million people of the world in more than 21 languages in well over 70 countries. A few days ago, I bought a new magazine which contains the new what makes a great wedding speech latest designs of Punjabi suits or dresses.

Following a survey, Hindustan Times had the circulation of over 1. It points out aspects that deserve attention.

Favourite Magazine speaking part 2 cue card with answer IELTS EXAM - IELTS FEVER

Sometimes there are free samples of some cosmetics with the issues. However, I will continue reading the magazine even if the subscription fee goes higher. Hindustan Times is my favourite my favourite magazine essay ielts for several reasons.

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So we could conclude that although these two forms of print media sometimes seem identical, there are many differences between them. The magazine I often read is "Medical Technology". Hindustan Times has over 3 million readers every day.