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We also discern basic explanations Doing so in an open discussion will reveal our consumer's prime concerns and what he or she considers to be the key issues. Secondarily, it is also related to ranking. Always separate the analysis including the discussion of utility and probability. Which of the candidates will win the election?


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That's how the mind works, so it's going to focus whether we want it to or not. Second, structuring allows us to compare and weigh one element against thesis for julius caesar essay. The greater the role of facts in analyzing a problem, the greater our confidence in the findings of that analysis; the fewer facts, the less confidence.

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What happens is that the process delivers the rankings. One can generally gain most of the benefits of restating a problem in five or ten minutes.

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I like the way she describes divergent vs. It has no diagnostic value. The branches are collectively exhaustive For example, a decision-probability-utility tree is defined by whether-what but has us analyze why and how, whereas a causal flow diagram is based on whether-why but has us analyze what and how, and so on.

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Jones Trial-and-error These interactions within the group tend to divide and confuse its members and to defeat their common purpose. Divergence opens the mind to creative alternatives; convergence winnows out the weak alternatives and focuses on, and chooses among, the strong.

Robert Abelson offers compelling insight. I wouldn't use all of the techniques in all cases. Most biases and mind-sets, however, are highly resistant to alteration and are changed only gradually, eroded away by repeated exposure to new information.

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It is bias that enables us to repeat an action we have taken before without going through all of the mental steps that led to the original act. Major factors and major issues are the navigational aids of analysis; they tell us where our analysis should be headed.

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  • The skills and techniques I speak of are what this book is about:
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We also discern basic explanations Fourth, structuring focuses on one element at a time, which, compared to our instinctive scattershot approach of tackling all elements simultaneously, is more systematic, more thorough, and more productive of relevant ideas.

First, structuring helps the mind make sense out of complex problems. Different answers are possible, and all can be identified.

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Include the absence of evidence one would expect if the hypothesis were true as well as the absence of evidence one would expect if it were untrue. Factors, in turn, beget issues, which are points or questions to be disputed or decided. Sometimes restating the problem is difficult because the original statement was poorly articulated.

All of us regularly make mistakes of judgment based on faulty analysis

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