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Haley even tries to pilfer the speech, but of course her uber-organized sister has extra copies. She goes, but Haley could go for some dinner. But just to be safe, he plants himself right in the way and makes sure Claire is OK. However, Jay had bought a four-seater bicycle for Gloria and Manny that they never used. I think I've got a good idea. John as the principal of Alex's school. Sure, not all popular kids fit the pretty-but-dumb paradigm, but some of them do, and Haley plays the part so well. And this is the face I fell in love with!


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Too many boys chasing after you? The Haley cliche, on the other hand, makes more sense. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. If only she wouldn't blow it by alienating herself forever with her planned speech. And what's he doing in my bathroom?

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Episode Description Everybody is gathered for Alex's graduation from middle school. But they don't go for that, nor for Mitch's idea of calling cabs, and there's not enough time to build a rocket. But just to be safe, he plants himself right in the way and makes sure Claire is OK.

Which moment of the night was his funniest? When all seems calm, the front gate will not open and Claire finally melts down, to Phil's relief. Given he was just laughing at Cameron, Gloria finds it embarrassing for Jay The chain broke.

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  • Her hair's been driving me crazy all day.

Alex refuses. Shut up! It's my bathroom, too. After reading the rest of the speech, Haley asks if she hates her, because of what it says about popular kids being shallow and lame. He insists it isn't about her With the entire family stuck inside the house, Gloria proposes that Claire and Phil jump over the fence, while they throw a Tandem bicycleand they can use that.

As a side note, I thought his droopy eyelid looked pretty realistic. And then he falls into Lily 's kiddie pool, eliciting a laugh from Mitchell that Cameron did not appreciate one bit. Neither Gloria nor Manny get the concept of hitting 9 on the phone to open the gate and not to be on the phone at the same time.

Nobody else has come up with an idea.

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As Alex is about to begin her short essay about disadvantages of fast food, the entire family wonders where Phil and Claire are. Jay thinks his dermatologist probably had some numbing cream on there while checking for any moles. Alex plans on taking down the popular elite with a rant about how the cool kids ignored her while she silently rose to the top by not caring about boys or skinny jeans.

Claire is starting to freak out, and Phil couldn't be happier.

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The intelligent young woman who gave the speech at my middle school graduation may not have known much about skinny jeans flares were hip back then! Haley even tries to pilfer the speech, but of course her uber-organized sister has extra copies. However, Cameron needs a paperclip, some olive oil, and a ribbon. Having finally had second-thoughts, Alex does not recite her original speech, instead giving a sincere, but halting speech that simultaneously quotes motivational songs and praises her grade.

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She then turns down her mother's suggestion that they ride together in a Carpool, deciding to go early with Haley. When Alex responds by asking Haley what kind of problems she has and sarcastically suggests they would be having too many boys chasing her and too many parties to go to, Haley loses her temper and informs her that her problems include flunking biology, having to go to Summer School and potentially not being able to get into college at all, while possibly being left behind by her friends.

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This marked a slight drop in the ratings from the previous episode, " Good Cop Bad Dog ". Let's take this crazy bicycle. Phil is prompted into action and flags creative writing and copywriting a truck and gets a ride to the school. Upon arrival Haley urges Alex, again, to give up her original diatribe. It criticizes her entire grade for being unintelligent and incompetent, and it also attacks them for continually treating her as if she did not exist.

Claire and Jay can't hold it in. She's back!! As she's practicing for the big day, Haley overhears her nerdtastic sister's musings.

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Oh, crap. So Phil and I will go over first - and then you guys will throw over the bike. He tries to hint to her that she can let her feelings out now, but she doesn't catch modern family alexs graduation speech. Phil, meanwhile, has planned a trip to Las Vegas with his cheer squad friends for the next day and, needing Claire to have her meltdown that day, rather than the next, repeatedly prods Claire on account of Alex's changing behaviour.

The episode shifts back four hours earlier to the Dunphy household, where all are preparing for Alex's graduation, and Phil and Claire are extremely happy, much to Alex's irritation, particularly when her efforts to rehearse her speech are continually interrupted by Claire who wants just to hug mastering biology chapter 21 homework answers kiss her little girl.

My friends, all they can ever talk about nowadays is going off to college and I don't even know if I can get into college. She's the valedictorian, although it took a robot attacking the kid who built it to make that happen. Now everybody sees Jay's droopy eye and panic.

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I say we ram the gate. Be an outcast. You know what? She refuses, justifying herself by saying that her idol, Gandhiwent on hunger-strike for what he believed, to which Haley replies that he did it only "because no one would eat with him in the cafeteria," inadvertently proving Alex's point.

You talk about how all the popular kids are shallow and lame. Hers is flunking out of biology. Shut up!

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Haley, a popular girl who rocks a lot of skinny jeans, not only finds Alex's speech offensive, but recognizes that it is social suicide. We don't have time to build a rocket, buddy.

As Mitchell and Cameron arrive, Claire orders Luke Nolan Gould to stop playing with a basketball that is floating in the pool, in case he falls in, to which Cameron makes reference to the incident with the mini-pool. I save the day. And, she for sure Googled her entire speech whatever, the crowd had no idea—they loved it. And now Phil was getting emotional.

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Elsewhere, the family thought that Jay was having a stroke especially Mannywhen in fact he just wanted to look the age he felt and try a little Botox on for size. She warns Alex nobody will ever talk to her again, and Alex was fine with that. Lesley Savage May 19, at She ultimately gave the episode 7.

Contents [ show ] Plot Summary Alex is graduating middle school and is the Valedictorian of the class. Oh, my God!

Modern Family s02e23 Episode Script | SS But Phil and Claire aren't there.

Jay goes back out, and his eye is looking worse. He thought we were gonna use it all the time - but I keep hitting my boobs with my knees.

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Cameron scoffs at him, commenting on the birthing he had to witness on his family farm, when he accidentally steps on a rubber soccer ball and falls into the pool, causing Mitchell to laugh hysterically, to his irritation. Yeah, but I teacher cover letter of introduction think that we should throw it over the gate.

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  • You really think I'm pretty?

Hey, everyone likes to get this party started! Haley's friends keep talking about going to college, and she isn't even sure if she'll get in. Straight like a pencil. You really think I'm pretty?