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A First class sleeper coach was italian embassy cover letter for the night train journey, which was attached with the Visa application. While applying Schengen Visa Italy last year, I did not understand why a cover letter is so important. Some tips and suggestions: Search Blog! Having obtained Schengen Visa twice now — for Italy in and Sweden inthough not an expert on this topic, I stand qualified to share my 2 bits — How not to screw up your Covering letter for Schengen Visa?

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The first paragraph and intro outlines your purpose of the visit, whereas the next part is a bullet point list explaining your detailed itinerary. Below are some samples of covering letters for Schengen visa: Credit card?

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There are enough chairs to seat. Or for studies? Explore Italy and witness its beautiful places.

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A Filipino citizen will need to apply for an Italy Schengen visa. Maybe if we had mentioned that in how to cite dissertation harvard cover letter, the purpose would have been solved. During my stay, me and my friends wish to spend a how to write a cover letter not for a specific job in the Netherlands and France to celebrate my upcoming graduation.

Copy of my credit card that we will also fun application letter using during our trip. Copy of our hotel reservation booking at Paris.

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Just like any official interaction, be it a job application or any sort of request where we are seek attention of the reader — we need to introduce ourselves and make our intentions clear, right? But this time around, while applying Schengen for Sweden, I realized the power of a cover letter.

In VFS office, the teller there pointed out that there are no hotel bookings made for those two dates. Having to write a personal covering letter for your Schengen Visa Application may feel like a daunting task, and many find it hard to begin writing it because they are unsure of what they need to include and how to write it.

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I wanted to stay for around 30 days and made an itinerary of 4 weeks in 4 countries staying 7 days on each. Current Date.

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It is equipped with professional Customer Service employees who will answer all your visa related questions and then schedule an Italy Schengen visa appointment so that you can submit your Schengen visa application.

Let the practical class begin now! Why do we need a cover letter for Schengen Visa? The said 2 countries membership to Schengen region are in process.

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Fully completed and duly signed application form 2. In Sweden, we will be travelling to Swedish Lapland and we have an overnight train journey from Stockholm to Kiruna and the same applies for the return journey too. We offer a comprehensive service to guide you through the Letter of Intent as well as the entire visa application process.

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Spend three nights in Paris. I went over to their office in Allegro Center and I was able to get schedule for the 2nd day and my application was accepted. Well, a lesson learnt!

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Are we in court? The main purpose of my travel is to visit my German friends.

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  • Spend two nights in Amsterdam.
  • Describe yourself detailing your personal and professional achievements; Describe your knowledge and appreciation of Italy, Italian culture, lifestyle, history, etc.
  • A Filipino citizen will need to apply for an Italy Schengen visa.
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I offered to adjust my itinerary; to put one more day in Belgium and 1 less day in Holland to make Belgium the longest stay. But there is also a Norwegian Consulate in Cebu if you wanna check that out.


Even in cases where a Letter of Intent is not required, we find it advisable to prepare one just in case. Critical literature review tips application is not prioritized actually.

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I have attached copies of our documents along with this covering letter as per the requirements posted for Schengen visa on VFS-Italy website for Tourist visa. Visa only takes days per my previous experience.

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Please, find the following documents to support my visa application: On the last day of our travel in Sweden, we arrive from Iceland to Sweden late in the night and we have an early morning flight back home the next day. Address this letter to the consular officer of the country you are applying to and submit the letter along with your application.

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Looking forward to hearing from you. And that is, To apply at the embassy of the country you are staying the longest in most number of days.

  • Please, find the following documents to support my visa application:
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You can call the hotline or just walk essay observation to sign up for appointment. A Answer: Gender roles essay outline just gives a good first impression. Its not that you will be penalized for spell errors.

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Spend two nights in Amsterdam. Follow us on LinkedIn for more on this topic Related posts: While there is no watertight answer to this, it is important that a good cover letter to the embassy for a Schengen Visa must answer some key questions.

My employer has already approved my vacation from work for the duration of this trip. For booking car for our self drive journeys, I trust this site and have booked from here in all our self drive sojourns. Is it self-sponsored or sponsored by someone husband, father etc.

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Schengen Visa is issued for Tourism purposes only.