IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answer: Some people think that wild animals should not be kept in zoos

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They either had been caught from a jungle or was sold out from a zoo. First of all, the idea of keeping wild animals in cages is really a brutal one and human should not be proud of act like this. It is a common question nowadays. I think it is an amazing experience for a child. Furthermore, zoo authorities earn a lot of money to display these wild animals among the general peoples but this money is not properly utilised among this wild animals.


Animal Planet and Discovery channels are two better alternatives for children to learn about those wild animals than the zoo.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 14 - A zoo has no useful purpose

Write about the following topic Some people believe that it is wrong to keep animals in zoos, while others think that zoos are both entertaining and ecologically important.

Furthermore, zoo authorities earn a lot of money to display these wild animals among the general peoples but this money is not properly utilised among this wild animals. People do not visit the zoo to boast their superiority; rather they go there for recreational and educational purposes.

Write at least words. It is advisable to put our efforts into keeping ielts essay about zoos creatures in their natural habitats, in order to give them the opportunity to experience normal life.

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A child who visits a zoo can learn many things which otherwise would not have been possible. In many zoos, animals are kept in small enclosures where they cannot even move about.

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The zoo sometimes saves the endangered species and becomes a safe house for many animals. Write about the following topic: Not only this, if the prime reason of arabic essay on summer vacation is to protect animals, this could be done in other environments such as wild life parks where the animals have more freedom. Whenever we put animals in cages from the forest, we interrupt the natural law.

Though they are fed and groomed well by some, most of the zookeepers are known to poses notorious approach towards the zoo animals.

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Meanwhile, there are several negative ideas towards the issue. To conclude, keeping animals in zoos might have many values but it is irrational to keep these animals away from their natural habitat. This is an issue which is greatly debated and controversial but I strongly believe that a zoo interrupts our ecological system. So when you brainstorm your ideas for the zoo essay, you should be thinking about: Answers for Spelling Zoo Vocabulary Lesson: And I am extremely against with that idea.

I know we can learn the life of animals in the books, discussions in school, but isn't much enjoyable to learn if we can have interactions with them? Does this place stand any purpose in our betterment as the human being?

Email Address. Having said that, there are also zoos that allow animals to live in protected environments that are closer to the wilderness. In spite of all the arguments against the existence of zoos, the truth is that they still benefit both humans and animals.

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A Zoo has no useful purpose Keeping wild animals in cages for public exhibition is a tradition that people are performing for a long and for majority people this is an amusement and educational purpose for kids while others think it to be a very inhuman act. I am going to discuss these views according to environmental, personal and economic perspectives.

The perspective that whether animals should be housed in a zoo or not has sparked a heated debate among many. Answers All the best Liz This lesson was suggested by a ielts essay about zoos called Karamdeep. In addition, people gain immense knowledge of wildlife by observing them closely; indeed, knowledge is wealth.

To conclude, when we consider the benefits of zoos, it is not hard to see that the argument against their existence does not hold water. Read the paragraphs below and spot the 14 spelling mistakes. Write at least words.

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Do our weapon and brain makes us superior and powerful enough to decide the lives of other species? Many species are facing dwinling numbers due to the distruction of their habitat or from disease so by keeping them in zoos, they are protected from extinction.

Lastly, captivity is both physical and mentally stressful to animals, so it is even worse sometimes for endangered species even though modern zoos have many advanced technologies.

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  • Keeping animals in captivity is cruel.

On what grounds would such a place could even be considered to serve a useful purpose? Who has given us the power and authority to forcefully bring animals to zoos and then being hilarious watching their activities? Model Answer 2: In conclusion, whereas keeping animals in zoos brings some obvious benefits for human being, it also causes many consequences in modern life.

A zoo is one of the best places for family to go for a short trip. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

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Agreement Some people believe that zoo has no useful purpose while others argue that zoo is used for recreational purposes. General people can learn about the animals from these short of natural parks and this way we can cause less harm to the wild animals and to the mother nature. So when you discuss the second argument you must be careful not to just write generally about the advantage of zoos.

Model Answer: Take Indian lions for example; a wide range of people travel to India to see these animals in circuses in India. It is entertaining to see different types of monkeys playing, swinging from one branch to another; groups of flamingos in varied colors; and there are zoos that they will allow phd thesis in learning management system to feed them at certain period of time.

In conclusion, we can say that zoo is inhuman and serves almost nothing for us while it destroys the natural equilibrium. Others believe that there are some good reasons for having zoos.

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However, some people think that governments should invest the money in improving the infrastructure of their nations instead. There are thousands of amusement parks and children parks and we should not make a zoo that would only represent our brutality and the outcry of the animals. For example, many modern zoos have been invested to recover injured animals and return them to health, animal research.

Click below: The reasons are that besides they are not vulnerable creatures, they have the right to survive independently because of having feelings and emotions as human. Another reason why zoos can be useful is that they can serve as a way to educate the public. Nevertheless, keeping animals free is more logical than isolating them because if we keep animals caged, they would not be able to have fresh air and chase other animals.

Agreement Captive animals are kept in closed enclosures for public viewing and entertainment, this charade is named as "zoo". In my opinion, a zoo has many useful purposes. I think that animals are not toys.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 14 - A zoo has no useful purpose

Many incidents of animal attacks on humans and vice versa reports from zoo across the world are readily available on the internet these days. When we talk about humanity about the ruthless act of keeping the animals in a zoo, where is our humanity when we are killing thousands of animals and birds and selling them in well-decorated shops?

Besides, without the interruption an animal wondering in a natural forest keeps our natural environment safe. Zoos provide education. I remember when I was in college we went to a mini safari and I had so much fun while learning about lions. Most favorite of hunters are wild deer and even tigers. Write about the following topic Some people think that wild animals should not be kept in zoos.

A broader perspective would be, people especially children visiting a zoo have a recusant impact about our fellow primates in their minds due to the over dominating nature of human beings being displayed. A zoo is basically animals devoid of their natural environment and lifestyles.

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Internationally, people knew and learn wild animals from the zoos they have visited. Therefore, dangerous animals like tigers or lions can be kept in zoos for children education and human safety. Keeping animals is essential because some animals are in fact becoming extinct.