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Hum 115 critical thinking final exam, it is organized...

Presenters should compare and contrast the myths and analyze the similarities and differences before suggesting possible causes for the points of contrast. All papers should be double spaced in size 10 or 12 script. It is well developed with content that is logical, accurate, and precise in addition to being interesting, and appropriate to the class material. How are they different? A paper with a B rating shares most of the characteristics of the A paper, and shows no serious errors in logic.


If the quote is two or more sentences long it should be set inside its own area within the body of text. Define the term and then provide an example from the text or lecture. Why did Greek men and women occupy different social spheres do you think? Universal Intellectual Standards: Show a picture hum 115 critical thinking final exam pictures of the deities and discuss the symbolism used in the image.

Topic should indicate awareness of the implications and ramifications of the topic being addressed.

Cited sources must be academically valid and cited correctly. This gives students the opportunity to discuss what they are learning with their peers.

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Section A: Course Requirements: Ask provocative questions for discussion. If you cannot find this information do not use the website. Bibliographical information should be in MLA format.

Examine a specific myth and place it in its cultural context by exploring what the myth suggests about the society from which it arose. F less than 59 points: In addition, you will need to research your topic and bring additional information to class. Why is this exploration important?

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  • An expert is someone with formal training in the field who is subject to peer review.
  • Students analyze materials from literature, history, and other disciplines.

Both must be cited. Transfer credit: Check the syllabus for due dates. To what has it been applied and how? Each following paragraph should address one of your points. There may be minor weaknesses in paragraphing, grammar, and syntax, but the content is effectively organized into coherent units.

For example: Speculate as to the meaning of the imagery, supporting your insights with the text book. Students also develop an awareness of the relationship between cultural resources and career satisfaction. For specific guidelines — see Attachment A.

Humanities examines literary and cultural achievements, developments, and values in the major periods of western history that served as a foundation for modern thought and letters. Errors in mechanics, usage and sentence structure interfere with readability, and overall organization will be lacking.

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Celtic and Norse myth, tying the myths to the Germanic and Irish histories and cultures. There may be a combination of the following defects: Students will work in teams of two in the formation of a 20 minute presentation on one of the topics listed in the syllabus see below.

There are two take-home exams. Find at least three resources: No Class. Explore a theory or method o Who has used it? This will allow students to compare and contrast the two myths by identifying relevant points of similarity and difference.

The paper is well written and is largely free from errors in mechanics, usage and sentence structure. You must include at least three sources from outside class but more is better. Students may ask questions in addition to commenting on the topic. What can be learned from the comparative project? Students may choose to analyze the artistic representation of icons and discuss possible meanings and interpretations of the symbolism, or they may choose myths and analyze the female characters of the myth in order to ascertain the status and position of women within the cultures.

Plan to have three to four items and delve into the complexities of each to as deep a degree as possible. Lecture 3 hours. Culture and Civilization to 3 Units Humanities is an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural, team-taught course that examines the historic push and pull of eastern and western civilizations from primitive times until Teaching and Assessing Writing: When writing a scholarly paper there are a number of things to keep in mind.

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Begin with a strong thesis statement: Elaborate on the larger work the myth is taken from. Presenters will choose one of the Greek hero myths and then identify a hero figure from the myth of another culture.

Be clear, direct, accurate, and relevant with your questions.

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You may hand it in during class or email it as an attachment by 9PM. Short written responses will demonstrate close reading of material, evidencing critical engagement with the information. Culture and Civilization from 3 Units Humanities is an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural, team-taught course that examines the historic push and pull of eastern and western civilizations from until the present.

We begin with Richard Dawkins…. A traditional font should be used.

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It is well organized with a clear and relevant thesis or statement of position stated or implied. This is part of thinking critically, too! Include as much detail as possible and remember to adhere to the critical thinking standards of depth, clarity, breadth, accuracy, fairness, precision, relevance and logic. Each of these intellectual standards is outlined in detail in the Writing Guidelines.

Students develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills by analyzing and discussing an international array of essays, works of fiction, plays, poems, songs, and films concerning work, and by engaging in individual and collaborative activities designed to pose ethical and decision-making cover letter for resident manager no experience.

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How are they different? Students explore the creative process and ask what has led to, as well as what results from, works of art. Psychological implications: The question should be well thought out, relevant to the reading, and artfully articulated, and thought provoking. Students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and discussion.

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You may use articles, books, or internet sources as long as the sources are of academic quality, peer reviewed and written by an author in the field of mythology or religious studies. Consider writing papers to: A paper with a D rating may show difficulty managing the task of the assignment. Adapted from White, E. They can help with organization, grammar and spelling. This is a less formal conversation and will involve topics that relate myth to modern life.

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An F grade may also be used for the paper that is cover letter for resident manager no experience "off-topic," regardless of the writing quality. There are two steps to creating an informed opinion.

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In this case, the paper does not deal with the topic assigned and, therefore, does not fulfill the assignment. Online Discussions: Students are expected to engage in online discussions in response to weekly topics concerning myth and mythology.

How did they influence the development of Greek culture and myth? More information will be forthcoming.

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Are these different uses of the metaphor? Consider using PowerPoint for images that illustrate your topic. A topic will be posted each week and students are required both to respond to the topic and to one another. Students learn to analyze, synthesize, draw inferences, propose new ideas, support theses, and reach logical conclusions concerning the cultures the mythologies represent.

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Using the text, choose a methodology Jung, Freud, Eliade, Campbell, etc. This will demonstrate that you have a wide variety of sources and have considered multiple, educated opinions in low gmat optional essay sample your own thoughts.

A total of 80 points will be assigned for attendance, preparation and participation. Incorporate awareness of opposing positions into your paper. Post a discussion on Blackboard at least 24 hours in advance. Please type your exam: No diatribes, hate speech, or abusive positions.

Never write in the second person! Make your cover letter for resident manager no experience clear and logical, being sure to analyze to a deep and precise degree. The course explores the development and current reality of commonly held American ideals, attitudes and institutions and their role in the unique balance between freedom and responsibility.

C points: Assigned readings must be completed before class. As students compare and contrast works from various cultures and times, they are encouraged to read, think, discuss, and write critically about the interaction among artist, society, and work of art.

Be sure to put your name on your work and staple the pages together.

HUM 115 – 100 – World Mythology

Explain the major symbols of the myth: A paper with a 2 rating fails to come to terms with the assignment. I am not interested in what you believe, only whether or not you can take a position and explain it eloquently.

Many of the myths, legends, and ideologies may be foreign to many the most embarrassing day in my life essay it is vital to keep an open mind. It may accomplish the assignment less completely than the A or B paper, but it does come to terms with the basic task of the assignment.

Choose one etiological myth from Leonard and McClure, Chapter 2. Writing instruction focuses on improving advanced composition skills. Presenters should compare and contrast the myths and analyze the similarities and differences before suggesting possible causes for the points of contrast.