How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay: Build the Framework

Good introductions for a compare and contrast essay, choosing a...

With any information that you include, be sure to explain why it matters in the context of your larger argument. Comparative and contrast essays are important because working on them teaches to think critically. Briefly talking, you just need to learn that classic five-paragraph essay format. How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion Some students make their writing mistakes just at the very end of their papers. When researching your subjects, try to find information that may not be common knowledge.


Start with the body paragraphs; Stage 5: Ask several questions to determine whether the chosen topic suits you: Craft an outline that fits the structure you have chosen.

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Your text may be a search for some solution of a broader problem. For comparison: Compare and contrast essay outline is nothing different from any other outlines people write for another type of articles.

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They can also be also contrasted only - in which the author looks for the differences and at the same time there are both comparative and contrasting essays.

Think about the nature of the chosen topic.

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You can get some interesting info on the topic you are writing about as it is always better to provide some entertainment along with helpful info. Give a brief historical review of your topic for help reader to better understand it Start from a little story or an anecdote, which leads the reader into your topic Try to use a surprising statement — something disgusting, joyful or even shocking "Dropping" the name of a well-known person celebrity usually gets the reader's attention State straight out what your essay is going to be about, simply and clearly Start from a short background High school students often find it difficult to view their teachers as anything but "the enemy.

Do not make your paper biased.

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You can create an introduction, a paragraph about one topic, a paragraph about another topic, and a conclusion. The main idea lies 70s music essay on the surface that its name talks for itself.

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You can also go point by point throughout the essay. One key thing to remember: Briefly talking, you just need to learn that classic five-paragraph essay format. The body paragraphs Before you begin to compare the two subjects, research to get more knowledge on the topics you are writing about.

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Order your paper now! Or just try to describe a particular aspect.

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Simply create two overlapping circles, one for each of the topics that you are comparing. How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Any paper should have its outline to get started with the correct direction.

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Here are few basic tips you need to discuss: It is an academic paper that is used for analyzing two different subjects, figuring out their differences and similarities. Or it can be an introduction, then the similarities between the two subjects, the differences between the two subjects, and a conclusion.

Two Approaches Speaking of the outline, a couple of ways exist to outline such type of academic assignment: Meaning — stress how significant the discussed problem is.

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The most common five methods to grab your reader's attention, commonly used by professionals, are the following: Every piece of writing, whether it is a journal entry or a formal essay, must be typed and stapled. For wider learning, just proceed reading and get few interesting compare and contrast essay topics as a bonus.

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B subject 1st describes the A subject and tells about its features; 2nd paragraph of the body tells about the B subject of your paper and gives a strong analysis of its features; 3rd paragraph compares and analyzes both subjects.