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Golden rice case study. Genetically Modified Organisms: The “Golden Rice” Debate | High School Bioethics

The lengthy approval process still underway for commercialization of Bt rice in China shows the concerns that governments have over GM food crops as opposed to Bt maize intended for animal feed or Bt cotton. Crop case study: Links Offsite. Ministries of Health may find that biofortification poses a threat to their traditional programs, although it can potentially save lives and government expenditures in the long run. But it does seem that scientists involved were surprised to have their motives questioned, as they genuinely believed in the positive humanitarian potential of this technology. However, it should be noted that targeted government subsidies in agriculture and food are difficult to deliver without substantial leakage of financial resources.


This could create unwanted resistance of a pesticide or herbicide, or could increase the strength of weeds. Dubock, A.

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GR shows both the dramatic nutritional benefits that can be achieved with use of modern biotechnology and the considerable hurdles to eventual adoption and impact. Farmers' Movement of the Philippinesto the dismay of other protesters.

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The GR story provides guidance for other biofortification efforts. Every ex-ante study has shown benefits from GR, and these are usually substantial and cost-effective. As of [update]43 countries had vitamin A supplementation programs for children under 5; in 10 of these countries, two high dose supplements are available per year, which, according to UNICEFcould effectively eliminate VAD.

As another example, rice is parboiled in Bangladesh before eating.

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Golden rice; genetic engineering; genetically modified organism; GMO; business plan average cost A deficiency; gene patent and licensing; Potrykus; developing world; bioethics Topical Area: The article closes with an assessment of the current prospects for GR and lessons for other biofortification efforts.

In these sujet dissertation roman policier, the enzymatic activity in the PSY genes found within maize or rice is utilized to produce much higher levels of beta-carotene in the rice grain. Beta carotene is convereted into Vitamin A when metabolized by the human body. This could negatively impact poor farmers who cannot compete with large biotech companies for land and a share of the rice market.

Second, GR may cause unforeseen health risks, particularly if it is the first GMO to be widely consumed by children. Its persistence is testimony to the limitations of current interventions discussed more fully in other papers in this special issue. They wanted to debunk this technology because it diverts golden rice case study from potential negative impacts to potential positive ones, thus changing the terms of the debate.

It is perhaps unfortunate that the first scientific breakthrough generated so much attention when it remained fairly far removed from implementation. By focusing on a narrow problem vitamin A deficiencyShiva argued, golden rice proponents were obscuring the limited availability of diverse and nutritionally adequate food. This letter specifically addressed Golden Rice, and the potential benefits it could have if fully employed in developing countries.

Time Magazine. He gave his approval, saying that like other farmers in countless countries dreaming that their crops feed their families, communities, and countries with healthy food, golden rice meets his needs. In addition to weighing risks and benefits, there is a question about who should decide whether golden rice is employed.

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This could created inadvertent risks to these species, harming them and possibly biodiversity too McLean, One possibility to counter these incentives would be to bundle code breaking problem solving increased beta-carotene content with other new desirable traits that farmers find helpful.

Moving past regulatory hurdles will not be easy, and thus, this crop is unlikely to play a role in meeting micronutrient needs before the next decade.

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Ministries of Health may find that biofortification poses a threat to their traditional programs, although it can university of lincoln dissertation cover page save lives and government expenditures in the long run. Does the crop sustain after long periods between harvest seasons?

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  • Dawe et al.

High school, Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division Formats: Crop case study: Against another opposing view, the Golden Rice Project claims to be a sustainable project in contrast to the ongoing supplementation and fortification programs Potrykus, The IP arrangements are so convoluted that they do not preclude commercial abuse and do not represent a useful replicable model.

Introduction Genetically modified rice that contains beta-carotene, widely known as Golden Rice GRhas not yet been introduced in any country. Beyond issues of agronomic viability, there are other development efforts required to address issues of acceptance, safety, and impact. A global damage assessment report. Red is most severe clinicalgreen least severe.

Golden rice

Attempts were made to create new transgenic variants of Golden rice case study, BR29, and other widely grown varieties in Asia with high levels of beta-carotene, using the same genes for beta-carotene synthesis. In addition, farmers would be permitted to keep and replant seed. Risks Many anti-GMO activists actively voice potential negative consequences of planting and consuming golden rice.

Economists typically assume that adoption by farmers is prima facie evidence that it provides them benefits, but this line of reasoning is not necessarily convincing to others. Examine the arguments supporting and opposing the use of a GMO. First, after substantial investment, GR may not be widely adopted and will have little semblance of the impact envisioned.

As many years before, the fight for and against GMOs is still in progress with no immediate sense of resolution. Key words: Genetically modified food controversies Critics of genetically engineered crops have raised various concerns. Vitamin A deficiency Prevalence of vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A deficiency is usually coupled to an unbalanced diet see also Vandana Shiva's arguments below. Alternatively, GR could be grown by poor farmers for their own consumption, although again they may be discouraged by the risks noted above.

The Golden Rice Project has freedom to operate under humanitarian use, therefore the technology can be provided free of charge in developing countries. First, any biofortification of a staple crop using GM technology will likely encounter greater political resistance, as well as more challenges in safety assessments and delivery, than non-GM approaches.

Research Golden rice case study for Science Technology and Ecology. Endnotes 1 Rockefeller has shifted almost all of its agricultural development funding to Africa and currently has only some funding that is partly for GR in Vietnam, the Philippines, and China. We need Vitamin A for healthier skin, immune systems, and vision. This point was noted almost immediately by astute advocates for the opposition e.

To be acceptable to consumers and accomplish its nutritional goals will require that countries make some strategic decisions about implementation, adoption, and promotion. Science, The virulence of the debate is surprising to someone who is agnostic on the subject. The Stein study confirms that major benefits are possible from GR, but also that it may be a more challenging biofortification application than other potential biofortification interventions.

Ironically, the unheard voices are those of the inhabitants of the developing countries, the intended receivers of the proposed resolutions in the fight against micronutrient malnutrition. To move forward, it seems clear that GR must be agronomically viable at a minimum.

Cuvillier Verlag. Evaluate the merits of using Golden Rice to alleviate vitamin A deficiency in developing regions.

Genetically Modified Organisms: The “Golden Rice” Debate | High School Bioethics

Crop Case Study: Consider the socio-political causes and implications of malnutrition in developing countries and propose the best strategies to remedy it in the long-term.

GR is the most famous biofortification effort undertaken with modern biotechnology, due to the initial publicity e. Food Policy, 27, Dawe, D. All of the opposing groups agree that VAD is an important problem but objected to GR either as an inappropriate or an ineffective solution.

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Even though these very minimal risks are still discussed in popular discourse, many scientists now agree that genetically modified crops are just as safe to consume and to plant as traditional crops. Those involved with the Golden Rice Project vehemently reject that their ties to biotech companies undermines their integrity.

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Micronutrient malnutrition and the impact of modern plant breeding on public health in India: Developed for an introductory molecular biology undergraduate course, the case could also be used at more advanced levels.

Instead of developing GR, resources should be focused on poverty alleviation, sustainable farming, and proven strategies for nutrition intervention, such as supplementation and diet diversification through backyard or community gardens. Part of the publicity focused on the donation of intellectual property IP rights for the GR technology so that it could be further developed and adapted for introduction in the developing world.

The voices of should thesis be written in first person are often broadcast by activist organization, which may lead us to wonder: In This Article. VAD is one of the main causes of preventable blindness of young children from developing countries. It is most important in the poorest nations of the world, including most of South and Southeast Asia where rice is the main staple, and that situation has not changed during the past decade.

  • Alternatively, GR could be grown by poor farmers for their own consumption, although again they may be discouraged by the risks noted above.
  • Some raised concerns about small farmers becoming indebted to larger corporations for seeds, exploitation of farmers, health concerns for humans and the environment.
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Political opponents have viewed Golden Rice as representing the interests of multi-nationals and as inherently unsafe for consumption. For the NGOs involved in poverty alleviation, it represents competition for resources and influence.

Stein, A.

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Shiva, V. However, these costs-per-DALY-saved for GR are significantly higher than equivalent costs for biofortification of rice or wheat with either iron or zinc. Because GR is still so far from actual production and consumption, little is known about bioavailability, losses in storage or cooking, or many other factors that would influence the actual delivery of Vitamin A.

Nature Biotechology, 25 6 However, exporting countries like Thailand and Vietnam are cautious about GM content that might reduce export prospects.

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What are the risks for supporters of GR? There are several other risks that could be important. These are legacy grants from earlier investments in the Rice Biotechnology Network. Impetus, Development, and Initial Reactions The polished rice grain does not contain beta-carotene, a Vitamin A precursor that the body converts into Vitamin A.

Within Asian countries, successful new crna cover letter and delivery will require policy dialogue among agriculturalists, health specialists, and advocates for the poor. Vitamin A is supplemented orally and by injection in areas where the diet is deficient in vitamin A.

This improvement in beta-carotene content brought forth a few restatements of the same general objections from those originally opposed an experience that changed my life short essay the technology e. Essay on green revolution in 150 words speaks to the importance of extensive testing to ensure that GR has limited side effects and, after storage and cooking, has enough bioavailable beta-carotene to substantially reduce VAD.

Vitamin A deficiency[ edit ] Main article: Scientific argumentation, Social justice issues, Social issues Educational Level: Is it a ploy to enhance public support for GMOs, which could take funding away from cheaper, more realistic solutions? The donation of this package of IP rights for humanitarian purposes was advertised as a model for the future transfer of this technology to developing countries.

The amount of golden rice needed for sufficient vitamin A intake would be too great in comparison to the rice available in developing countries. The Netherlands: With the availability of the new GR1 and GR2 lines with higher beta-carotene content, the activities with the initial lines were ended inand ftce gkt essay work with the new lines began in New Delhi, India: Thus, farmers will be under no compulsion to buy new seeds every year, but this fact will need to be clearly and creatively communicated to the public.

Based on this information, they formulate arguments to defend their position, then present their case to another team.

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Nutrition intervention groups do not seem to have been as vocal in the debate. As such, it has been a lightening rod for the debate about the use of GMOs in meeting nutritional needs. Ministries of Agriculture and NARS are production-oriented by training and mandate; thus, they have little interest in a project that diverts attention from production goals and requires innovative cooperation with nutritional science.