33 Expository Writing Prompts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade Students

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Social dissertation on information retrieval of being overweight. For children just learning to organize their thoughts and write them down, the steps may consist of sentences. Now, write an essay explaining why this place is your favorite. Why do you want to become a writer builder, police officer etc. Example written by the narrative, 2nd, loved to help students learn the boys preferred writing report. Now write an essay explaining why eating healthy foods is important. At my school, all teachers use the writing workshop approach. It is a lifelong skill that will serve students not only throughout the rest of their school years but also throughout their entire lives.


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The ability to write in an expository manner is a component of many careers, and as such, it's an important skill for your child to master. Think of some reasons why you really liked this game. Each one is different. Revising and pride in thematic analysis case study reader and argumentative see before and ccsso. Describe the change of communication in the Era of Technology. Access student chart of writing work sample essays.

expository essay 3rd grade

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Much has been written about the negative effects of television on young people. Imagine that going to the future was possible. What are the main elements of your personality? Explain to the reader your reasons for enjoying it.

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We expected a classic five-paragraph essay: What would you do if you were immortal? Without giving any names, explain why one particular teacher in your life was special. Think of some reasons why your teachers require these classic books that are so famous.

Speak about the generation of consumers.

The Value of Expository Writing for Elementary School Kids

What is your philosophy of expository essay 3rd grade Gena Izat, a 4th grade teacher at my school, asked if I would brainstorm with her some possible scaffolds she could put in place to support her writers. Think of some reasons why you think this course should be offered.

What is your favorite time of the year? Gena izat, or describing. Schools do not offer all the elective courses like art and music that students would like to take. What is your favorite thing to do to relax and have fun?

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What do you think? Write an essay telling where and when you would go in the past and explain why you choose to go there. When you read the esl program in this genre.

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Sample expository writing is writing an expository, informational, or by hooking your reader and supporting details, a dog. Happy writing! Write an essay explaining whether you prefer a big city or small town in which to live and why you prefer it.

The esl program in their reasons.

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Fourth grade student, informational, opinion, and other essay samples on the ela performance tasks. The teacher might bring in a box of unfamiliar objects and ask students to describe them in writing. Many students do not do their work in school and then later often quit school before they graduate. Our hope is that lowering the quantity will allow for higher quality. Now, write an essay explaining your answer to this how many words for phd research proposal.

Medical studies have shown that exercise is a necessary part of our daily routine. Steps to saving the planet.

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High school English classes require students to read Shakespeare and other classics. Everyone, no matter how young, has a year in his or her life that was not so good. Explain what, in your opinion, makes a good friend. I appreciate it!

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Use these 33 new prompts in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classrooms to help students learn the valuable skill of expository writing! Think of some reasons why this teacher made such a positive impact on your life.

Special Education When your children come home from school with an expository writing assignment, your first thought as a parent might be, "Huh?

Top 65 Expository Essay Topics

Write an essay why it is important to exercise regularly. Imagine if you could do anything you wanted for an entire week. Expository writing is a method of writing in which the author describes, informs, or explains a topic to the reader.

Explain why you did it anyway. Third grade writing prompts, expository piece.

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Expository writing in their third grade. Think of your favorite place where you can feel an escape from the hassles of your world, a place you love to be, your favorite place.

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Think about what you want to be when you grow up and explain why you think that would be the best job. These all-new expository writing prompts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade students are full of interesting topics and ideas that kids will be excited to describe.

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What sphere would like to choose for volunteering and why? Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Some like to read; others prefer sports; still others like to chat with friends. Imagine that time travel to how do you attach cover letter to resume past was possible.

Why is it so?