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Essay on my house for class 4. My House, Essay Sample

It is near the living room. We are just four persons in the family. And with an amazingly huge LCD screen in it, it is quite nice for watching movies and having some popcorn at night! From there we have a beautiful view of a park and a playground which is inside our camps.


The variety of colors, pictures and displays what do i need in my cover letter my house will surprise and awaken the curiosity of the visitors.

The decoration pieces remind me of our visits to various places. One of its door opens in a balcony.

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So I am very proud of my house. There are six members in our family.

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My parents share the room adjoining the kitchen. We always keep our house neat and clean. The home or house gives us affection and security. I belong to a middle class family. There is also a water-pump in my house. There are many kinds of houses which differ in their looks, features and lots of other things. They all come and share the joy with us.

We have 5 fans, air pressure fan and an air cooler. I always obey their commands. I am very fond of our garden. The house indicates the simplicity of our family.

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From there we have a beautiful view of a park and a playground. Since we have no car and have a scooter only, we have no car essay conclusion problem. This essay focuses on the inside and outside beauty of my house and how I have become attached to the essence and deeper meaning that it holds.

When we sense danger elsewhere we find safety in our home. A tall essay on my house for class 4 is also seen beside the work table sculpted with flower stems and angelic figures from its feet to the head. My sister and 1 have decorated the drawing room.

My home to me is the best place in the world, where I live with my mother, father and a sister. I have, indeed, grown obsessed with it, so to say.

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He brings sweets for me. I respect my parents and old grand-parents. We also have a sofa set, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a computer. We share all that we enjoyed or suffered during the day.

My parents have decorated my house with paintings and pictures. In addition, with a house comes different classes of families from all over the world depicting their own cultural heritage and tradition. It is large enough for all of us.

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My house how to give reference in research paper the best house in the colony. Upon moving to the kitchen, a simple silver oven, microwave, cupboards, wooden drawers, kitchen sink and a large refrigerator with drawings from kids are placed on its doors through the help of magnets.

My house is made of brick, though marble houses are now quite common in this locality. It has mud walls. A spatial garden filled with numerous plant types such as orchids and roses having that touch of professional landscaping that has been developed throughout the years could be easily seen.

It lies in J. It is in a big and colony of the city. We keep our home clean and tidy.

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I am the second and the youngest child of my parents. My mother is a teacher. I live with my elder sister on the first floor, which has two bed rooms, a huge drawing room, kitchen and store room. It has a shower.

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The decoration pieces remind me of our visits to different places. My house is built of bricks iron, tiles and marbles. But no matter how much they look different, they literature review ib have the same definition, the place where you feel safe, comfortable and settled.

My home is the most important place in my life. A painting could also be seen hovering on the wall behind the desk.

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Thus, I have to study in my room or in the drawing room. All these things make my house a beautiful and very nice place to live in. It has g0j all the modem amenities of life. They are my father, mother, grand-father, grand-mother, my sister and myself.

We are just four persons in the family. There is also a big veranda.

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We share all that we had enjoyed or suffered during the day. My house is in Kumaran Nagar.

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Just type and press 'enter' Search for: Without a house that you like, you can never go on with your life. All the rooms are airy and ventilated. This makes our house more beautiful.

Our drawing-cum-dining room is tastefully decorated. When I return from school I feel great comfort at my house. My father is a good host. My sister is a student.

I often kiss the little calf. Then, I was just four-year-old. Order now The rooms essay on my house for class 4 well-lighted and airy. There is also a big veranda. The wall cupboards help in keeping it tidy.

The kitchen of my house has all amenities.

The living room, which is the room that I really like in my house, has two big sofas and a very nice massage chair. Going to the dining area, a circle dining table with eight pink and blue chairs are styled in such a manner essay on deer in sanskrit language shows how my family have studied, created, made and built every detail of the dining room.

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