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Essay on if i were a monitor of my class, popular essays

If I were a teacher, I would give greater importance to example that to precept. Jot down your main ideas on the page and then see if you can connect them in some way. Speed is important and quantity is your goal. Before the beginning of each period, make sure all students submit their homework.


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  3. Write at a paragraph, page, or more about each of the six points of view on your subject.
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  5. It is, therefore, important to remember not to get high-headed with time.
  6. Writing a full draft, even if you think the draft has problems, is sometimes important.

Set a timer for an appropriate amount of time 1 hour? How would you begin the speech? John Lee When I was very young, some gay friends of mine threw a cross-dressing party.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: 'Can people please stop telling me feminism is hot?'

Participation in sports is equally important as a healthy body ensures a healthy mind. Read around on the page and see if you have discovered anything or can see connections between any ideas.

Post Views: It's easy for me to put my words on paper. These decisions may be ones of word choice, organization, logic, evidence, and tone.

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Remember there is likely to be more than one solution. Think about your topic in terms of each question.

essay on if i were a monitor of my class research paper on sas

During my school days, we were always asked the question as to what would we like to become in future. Try sorting your ideas into separate piles. You can do this literally by putting ideas on note cards or scraps of paper and physically moving them into different piles.

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I would make sure that I speak to each of my student personally and address his or her concerns. Ask someone without knowledge of the course to read your paper. Would that final product be better if the student was not listening to music? If your friends are making noise, report lost tv show essay them to the teacher as you would report about others.

Once students have a complete draft of a paper, they need ways to share their ideas to learn points where their ideas need further development. Therefore, lead your class in being punctual, so that it inspires your classmates and in turn, the whole class makes a good impression on teachers. The ideas should flow logically from one point to the next. Ask a reader to judge specific elements of your paper.

These exercises may ease their entry into shaping their ideas for an assignment: Ask someone to read your paper out loud to you. Keep in mind that this juncture can be unsettling for some students. Updated January 20, It's important to keep and maintain a clean and tidy classroom environment for a number of reasons.

Dealing with Cleanliness in the Classroom

If you have questions about points to emphasize, the amount of evidence needed, etc. Besides the negative impact it essay article about health have on your health, it's always a good idea to keep your classroom clean to show students the importance of living in a clean environment.

What do you hear? Write the body of the paper first. I would never go late to class, i would avoid taking casual leave as far as possible. Silence Really Is Golden Research offers little to back up the idea that listening to music improves concentration.

This way, you can be a successful class monitor. Do not gossip about them with your peers or take advantage of such information to bully them. A pyramid? Explain your ideas on paper of to a friend.

Implementing exercises

In certain schools, students are given the responsibility of electing one of their classmates as the class monitor. Tell a friend what your paper is about. A class teacher usually selects a class monitor who is well-mannered, responsible and proactive, besides being good at academics.

If you get stuck, go back to the center word and launch again.

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Maintain discipline in the absence of teachers. Be the official channel between teacher and class. I wanted to become the class teacher because I wanted to feel and experience what my class teacher regularly does and also because I had a knack for public speaking and teaching children.

She wanted something impossible from me, some combination of best friend confidante, nurturer, and person she could dump on about anything at any time — a person who would never disagree or depart. Writing a full draft, even if you think the draft has problems, is sometimes important. Write with a timer. I would give special attention to the weaker students, unlike some teachers who only care for the clever children and neglect the below average ones.

I believe that having a discussion in the classroom by involving the students is a healthy way to learn and hence I would ensure class participation in all subjects. Write these questions down the left hand margin of a piece of paper: Write a letter describing what the paper is going to be about.

Consider any idea or observation as valid and worthy of listing. His job is to check anything that the before-monitor or monitor missed throughout the day.

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Share your draft with someone and ask them to read for something specific i. I would encourage my students to participate in all sorts of competitions like painting, dancing, debating and writing.

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In such cases, it is always better to be open-minded and flexible towards those issues, rather than taking the traditional way out. We can help students most by teaching them how to see and make choices when working with ideas. I have worn jeans and shoes introduction for comparison contrast essay are good for rough terrain for most of my life, along with lipstick and long hair, and being a woman has let me walk this line between what used to be considered masculine and feminine.

Did ideas flow in the order the reader expected them to? Janelle Cox has an M. Next to each paragraph write a word or phrase that summarizes the content of that paragraph. Use "Cleanup" Monitors Children are well-known for leaving a mess and "forgetting" to pick up after themselves.

If I Were the Class Teacher of My Class – by Anand

Write a full draft. Write a paragraph or up to a page describing a reading or a position. You should be aware of the details of your school — the building, the teaching and non-teaching staff, the annual school schedule and the school rules.

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You will find that by using this system you will have a lot more instructional time. Each day before school lets out, crank up the music and have a "cleaning party. You may be amazed at the quantity and quality of ideas you can produce in a short time.

Know your school and class well. It has to be taught in the proper way. I could rebel by succeeding, while a lot of white middle-class men of my era seemed to rebel by failing, because the expectations had been set so very high for them.

Before the beginning of each period, make sure all students submit their homework. Once you have your paper as a list of sentences, you can more easily see and solve sentence level problems. If you are really stuck getting starting or in the middle of a draft, turn the monitor off and type your ideas.

Analyse your strengths. December 13, If I were a teacher I would be a wise and the best teacher. You can think of an activity to engage your ucas personal statement character checker in the absence of the teacher.

Scrap pile.

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I have sacrificed my life to others; sacrifice yours to me. If you think you have a good idea of how something works, find evidence in your course material, through research in the library or on the web that supports your thinking. A proper decorum in the classroom not only gives meaning to the classroom studies but also helps in maintaining the focus of students.

Keep a recycle bin close to each section of desks to eliminate this problem.

If I Were a Teacher

You can also try the following strategies: Taj, a senior, sees his music as his muse. If you have trouble getting started on a draft, write what feels to you like the easiest part first. Try it again the next day. Write on paper or on a computer for minutes non-stop on that topic. Doing so will prevent you from editing and critiquing your writing as you first produce it.

Is there a difference between listening to Bach vs. To do that, you need to organize your daily activities for better time management. Thus, if I were the class teacher of my class, I would ensure that my students inculcate the best values from me and strive harder towards their goals in life.