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The principal carriers were the Portuguese and their Brazilian colony Benin, however, restricted Portuguese influence and somewhat limited the trade in human beings. Slavery and Slave Trade occurred in variety of cultures for over thousand of years. Other smaller carriers including the Danes and the Americans share the rest of the trade. As a result of the slave trade, five times as many Africans arrived in the Americas than Europeans. False and negative views of Africa and Africans were used to justify the Transatlantic Slave Trade and colonization.


Simons Island in Africans were sold with little secrecy.

Atlantic Slave Trade

Today there are tens of millions of people of African origin who, as a consequence of the forced removal of their ancestors, live in the Caribbean, the United States, Brazil and other countries in the Western Hemisphere, as well as elsewhere outside Africa.

Cambridge University Press, Figures for Upper Guinea," Paiduema, 39, Prior to the Atlantic Slave Trade, Slavery had stood alive and…. In addition, the slave trade contributed to the growth of banking and insurance in Europe and provided the finance to develop European capitalist economies further.

On the African side most captives were traded from only a few ports: In addition to the millions of able-bodied individuals captured and transported, the death toll and the economic and environmental destruction resulting from wars and slave raids were startlingly high.

Military goods, principally firearms, were also exchanged for captives. Others came from the Bight of Biafra and the Windward Coast. They still exist today in the form of racial stereotypes and prejudices and racist violence, as well as Eurocentric views about Africa, its peoples and their cultures.

Their status reflected essay on cafe terrace at night enslaved status of their mothers, no matter who their father might have been. So far slaves were being transported in small numbers to Portugal, Spain, as well as the Atlantic islands. In the Americas, besides the considerable riches their free labor created for others, the importation and subsequent enslavement of the Africans would be the major factor in the resettlement of the continents following the disastrous decline in their indigenous population.

Besides its demographic toll, the slave trade, and the Africans' resistance to it, led to profound social and political changes. Their presence was especially pronounced in Louisiana, to which many Manding people - almost all males - had been transported.

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The Middle Passage On the first leg of their three-part journey, often called the Triangular Trade, European ships brought manufactured goods to Africa; on the second, they transported African men, women, and children to the Americas; and on the third leg, they exported to Europe the sugar, rum, cotton, and tobacco produced by the enslaved labor force.

Cassell AcademicLovejoy, Paul E. Identity in the Shadow of Slavery London: The Clotilda landed more than a hundred men, women, and children from Benin and Nigeria in the summer of at Mobile, Alabama. Resistance started in Africa, continued during the so-called Middle Passage and broke out again throughout the Americas.

One million people 7.

Judicial and religious sanctions and punishments removed alleged criminals, people accused of witchcraft, and social misfits through enslavement and banishment. Women made up a relatively high number among those groups. However, an illegal trade continued for many years, and slavery itself was not abolished in some countries until the s. The slave trade was closely linked to the Europeans' insatiable hunger for gold, and the arrival of the Portuguese on the " Gold Coast" Ghana in the s tapped these inland sources.

In addition, European powers intervened in the political process to prevent the rise of the Essay on atlantic slave trade centralized states that would have hampered their operations. The jihad led to two major political transformations: The trade was a high-risk enterprise.

In Louisiana, they labored on sugarcane plantations. Since the slave trade went across political and cultural frontiers, there was little recourse to courts and governments in the event of commercial dishonesty.

Finally, the increased exchange with Europeans and the fabulous wealth it brought enabled many states to cultivate sophisticated artistic traditions employing expensive and luxurious materials.

Haiti's constitution was the first to recognise the human rights of all its citizens. Addiction to European commodities was the bait used in their strategy in which alcohol and firearms played a key role.

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Most of them were kidnapped on the coast of Northern Senegambia, notably in Wolof and Berber villages, and put to work on the Iberian islands where the Moors had previously developed rice and sugar cane plantations, using African and European slaves. Cambridge University Press, Traders could benefit immensely from theft, plunder, kidnapping, ransoming, and the sale of human beings as commodities.

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Baltimore Klein, Herbert S. The jihad movement continued into the nineteenth century, especially with the outbreak of war in in the Hausa states northern Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Usman dan Fodio. There was also a direct trade between Brazil and Angola that did not include the European leg. Therefore, nearly 90 percent of the Africans in these two major regions came from only four zones in Africa.

In the process, their technological and economic development was hindered as they devoted their energy to hiding and defending themselves. Muslims were particularly concerned with protecting the freedom of their co-religionists.

By the close of the fifteenth century, 10 percent of the population of Lisbon, Portugal, then one of the largest cities in Europe, was of African origin. For the first one hundred years, captives in small numbers were transported to Europe.

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It was during this time when the beginning of the Black Diaspora would begin to manifest itself with the exportation of millions of the African populace to the Americas. But at a higher level, the political fragmentation - many small centralized states and federations governed through secret societies - made it virtually impossible to develop methods of government that could effectively resist the impact of the slave trade.

These individuals were human pawns who could be enslaved if debts were not paid.

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Africa could not satisfy it since the slave market was too narrow. A Caribbean Perspective Philadelphia: West African Strategies Athens: Over time, the Portuguese vessels added another commodity to their cargo: However, in the 19th century some enslaved Africans were also transported across the Atlantic from parts of eastern and south-eastern Africa.

Europeans, on the other hand, generally exported essay on atlantic slave trade items such as alcohol, textiles and guns to Africa to be exchanged for African captives. The most significant of all these acts of resistance and self-liberation was the revolution in the French colony of St Domingue, now Haiti, in Dwellings were set on fire to increase confusion.

With the exception of the Gold Coast wars, guns played little role at first in local conflicts, due in part to the difficulty of keeping powder dry in tropical regions.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

African states eager to augment their treasuries in some instances even preyed upon their own peoples by manipulating their judicial systems, condemning individuals and their families to slavery in order to reap the rewards of their sale to European traders.

Miller, Joseph C. Cambridge University Press2nd ed. The corresponding impact on Africa was intensified as larger parts of west and central Africa came into the slavers' orbit.

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The production of such items, as well as the construction of ships, shackles and other items connected with the slave trade, certainly contributed to the development of manufacturing in Europe. The Portuguese first saw the coast of Senegambia in In all probability, a large number of the many Africans whose origins are not known actually came from this area.

The Atlantic Slave Trade

The personal identity of the captives was denied. Most came from the west-central area of Angola and Congo where languages - Kikongo, Kimbundu and culture often referred to as Bantu were closely related. Their goal was also to connect directly with the Asian market of silk and spices from which Europe was barred with the rise of the Ottoman Empire which controlled the Eastern Mediterranean sea.

The discovery of the New World boosted the European economy and marked the starting point of what one can call the "African nightmare. The demand for labor resulted in numerous innovations, encouraged opportunists and entrepreneurs, and accrued deceptions and barbarities, upon which the slave trade rested. Images, maps of transatlantic slave trade routes, statistical data, critical analysis, and educational resources are available http: The slave trade resulted in the essay on happiness is considered very important in life of predatory regimes, as well as stagnation or regression.

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The U. Slave Trade Act, enacted by a vote of 63 in favor and 49 against in Februarywas a half victory for the slavers because it specified that the Africans illegally brought to slaveholding states would still be sold and enslaved. These nine ports accounted for at least half of all the Africans deported to the Americas.

Constitution stipulated that "The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or essay on happiness is considered very important in life may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.


As recounted by a slave smuggler, it was an easy task: When these millions of people were physically removed from their homelands, they took with them their languages, beliefs, craftsmanship, skills, music, dance, art and other important elements of culture. New York: Herskovits, Melville J.

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Brazil, Cuba, and Puerto Rico were essay on atlantic slave trade principal destinations for Africans, since they could no longer legally be brought into North America, the British or French colonies in the Caribbean, or the independent countries of Spanish America. Other smaller carriers including the Danes and the Americans share the rest of the trade.

Senegambia in the Era of the Slave Trade Madison: Impact of the Slave Trade on Africa The negative impact of the international slave trade on Africa was immense.

The transatlantic slave trade: introduction

However, in reality, the Ancient civilizations of Egypt… The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Words 3 Pages The Trans-Atlantic slave occurred during the early sixteenth century and lasted until the beginning of the all the way to nineteenth century.

Forests of Gold: Depending on the times, upwards of 20 percent died from various epidemics or committed suicide. Ultimately, the international slave trade had lasting effects upon the African cultural landscape. Traders referred to the Africa-Americas part of the voyage as the " Middle Passage" and the term has survived to denote the Africans' ordeal.

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The preservation and adaptation of African cultural forms to respond to the new needs of the enslaved population was also an act of resistance to the imposition of European norms. From the fine silver- and goldwork of Dahomey and the Asante court to the virtuoso wood carving of the Chokwe chiefdoms, these treasures are a vivid testimony of this turbulent period in African history.

A Study On Atlantic Slave Trade

In Angola and Senegambia, European merchants married or otherwise cohabited with local women, and these women sometimes amassed considerable fortunes as agents and merchants in their own right. Their mixed offspring became an intermediate class of merchants along the coast, but especially concentrated along the Upper Guinea Coast as far as Senegambia, and in Luanda, Benguela, and their commercial outposts in the interior of Angola.

From Slave Trade to "Legitimate" Commerce: Alcohol essay on happiness is considered very important in life regarded as a luxury, except in Muslim communities, where it was prohibited.

Klein, Martin. Working from their permanent colonies at Luanda, Benguela, and other coastal points, the Portuguese conducted joint military ventures into the hinterlands with their African allies. In the end, the slave trade left the continent underdeveloped, disorganized, and vulnerable to the next phase of European hegemony: Half came from west-central Africa, and more than 40 percent were originally from the Bights of Benin and Biafra, and Southeast Africa - Mozambique and Madagascar.

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On board slave ships, essay on atlantic slave trade the midst of their oppression, the Africans, who were often as much strangers to each other as to their European captors, forged the first links with their new American identities. These slavers took advantage of African political troubles, religious differences, legal technicalities, economic crises, and outright callousness to exploit helpless individuals.