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The place where you live. The structure of a home can be anything especially depending on where you look. For example, a man that got into unfamiliar surroundings that do not correspond to his personality and cannot be changed is very often somewhat altered by such a situation, although not completely. What is a home? The floor is covered with a thick woolen carpet, there are two big and beautiful paintings on the wall. Now that I am on my own, I get to create a home that matches only my identity.


  1. The dining room is decorated well and it has a soft, a refrigerator, a TV set and a dining table.
  2. It has a shower.
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The dining room is decorated well and it has a soft, a refrigerator, a TV set and a dining table. We own a color TV set and a D.

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The home or house gives us affection and security. Behind our back court-yard there is another house.

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However, I don't think that if I live in only one place than it is my real home because if I move from there than this house will just remain in my memories but than my home would be another place where I am living in.

It is near the living room. One bedroom is using my grandparents and others shared with my mother, father, brother and me.

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  • Also, it could even be more true than when one can say a lot about a person judging by his clothes, the works of art he likes, the pets he keeps.

For me my house is a best place for me in the world, where I stay with my mother, father, and two brothers. Essay Words 7 Pages The idea of home is a diverse and unimaginably audacious category to sum up in words. What is home-based care?

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Although my house is made of brick it is well-plastered and has beautiful smooth floors and walls. It lies in J.

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Also, I want to mention here the effect of the way things are arranged, whether the place is kept in apple-pie essay at home or not, whether there are these little personal things that say so much about the interests and affections of the owner, and so on. By definition a house is a building built for habitation where as a home is an abode built for one's family.

Is it a house with four walls and a roof, the neighborhood of kids while growing up, or a unique Cleaver household where everything is perfect and no problems arise?

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By proceeding you agree to research paper on abortion pdf promo emails form us. It is in a big and colony of the city. In balcony there are a number of flower plants grown in big earthen pots.

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Since we have no car and have a scooter only, we have no parking problem. Clothes was not the only strict rule we had, but also time and planning.

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It has two bed rooms, one dining-cum-drawing room, one kitchen and one pantry besides a bathroom essay at home research paper on abortion pdf. I get to start over by creating so However, in Pakistan I only lived in one house, where I grown up and I never moved from that house. If you would like to get a great custom written essay, order it from us today.

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Even if you move to another house, you still have these things which thesis statement for trail of tears remind you of other homes that you have lived in. My parents created the home I lived in originally. What are the warning signs?

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There are three bedrooms.