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We are going on an excursion. When I hear the news, I be very upset. While I listen to the news I repair my fountain-pen. She thought I was a friend of hers. He asked the teacher to explain.


Did you go to the cinema with him yesterday?

  • I was afraid I would hurt his feelings.
  • I would have been able to come if you let me know in time.
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The weather is bad. Want a winning paper? I wrote to him several times.

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You need to write essays and letters or application within the word limit set by the officials. While I essay and letter writing books pdf to the market this morning I meet my next-door neighbour.

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  3. He asked me to stay the night.

I spoke to you about him last week. How did he recognize you?

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He asked me if he can essay and letter writing books pdf me in any way. If he invites me I shall go.

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Exercise 6 Leaving out the verb' to want' in each case, join the following pairs of sentences using the conjunctions given in brackets. Now he has returned home.

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The train leave just as we arrive at the station. I have now found it.

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Complete the following sentences by choosing one of the two words or phrases given in brackets. He hope he might go to London but it be impossible.

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Exercise 10 Re-write the following sentences putting the verbs given in brackets in the correct tense. I was playing, played with my cousins from morning till night.

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He is sure to pass his examination. She was very busy.

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You will be late. We shall stay at home if it rain. He could not get up in the morning.

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There were a lot of people at the party. The manager told him he must work hard.

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The candidates also have to write a letter for this exam. At midday, we always were returning, returned home.

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I did not go to the theatre.