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The lack of transportation in the mountainous regions has been a major obstacle for exports and the government has provided little improvement in this area as well. Despite poor weather conditions and a lack of agricultural inputs--particularly fertilizer--there was a production increase of 5 percent. New kinds of manure and soil improvement techniques ha not been introduced. Farmers should spend some money to improve their farming.


In the lowlands wheat is another important food commodity. Medicinal herbs were grown in the north on the slopes of the Himalayasbut increases in production were limited by continued environmental degradation.

Agriculture in the Nepalese Economy

In fact, severe weather fluctuations often affected production levels. If we take a general representative example we see that the enterprise has familial investment, and the products of the enterprise are consumed in the family itself, and the products do not have access to the markets.

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Lack of proper testing and pretesting of hybrids continue to ruin the investments of the poor farmers. Also the interest on agricultural loans is very high compared Related Documents Essay The Agriculture Shift Of Agriculture The Agriculture Shift Agriculture began to spread throughout many Native territories, specifically the Northeastern and Southeastern, and began to transform many of the societies that relied on hunting and gathering for resources.

There is a trend of each family growing all it needs for subsistence rather than farming according to the microclimate. On a national scale, while production of both food and cash crops grew annually by 2. Recent increases in floods and droughts have raised concerns that the climate is changing rapidly and that existing arrangements for irrigation design and management may need to be reconsidered.

Agriculture in the Nepalese Economy - Words | Bartleby

Essays on globalgiving. Regional Variance of Agriculture in Nepal There are three major climatic regions in Nepal, with each providing unique crops. In total rice production amounted to a little more than 1 million tons; by more than 3 million tons were produced.

Both these crops are consumed by every family. There is little co-ordination if any between the limited Agricultural School and Research Centres.

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The above problem should be solved. Therefore, the agricultural sector in Nepal demonstrates weakness in the form of slow growth because of inadequate progress in research, extension and infrastructure development. Lack of proper testing and pretesting of hybrids continue to ruin the investments of the poor farmers.

Product Diversification: The Tarai or valley regions very fertile. Financial Unit: This is the reason why there are mainly two types of cropping patterns, namely rice based in the lowlands and maize based in the uplands.

This program was developed in response to the disastrous earthquake of In fact, the country now imports a significant amount of its food from its neighboring countries. You are here: The difficulties of transportation make it far easier to export across the border to India than to transport surplus to remote mountain regions within Nepal.

Traditionally, farmers grow every sort of possible crop needed for home consumption. Besides, there should be the market facility.

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As majority of the people in Nepal are farmers, the development of the nation depends on development of agriculture. This text is primarily focused on contribution of agriculture in the economy of Bangladesh. Show More Agriculture in Nepal The major economic source of the majority of the families in our country is agriculture.

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In the rush to open up arable land in the early years of development, Nepal lost half its forest cover in the space of 3 decades. These regions have soil that is suitable for crop. Most of the country is mountainous, and there are pockets of food-deficit areas. Search for: A Nepalese coffee grower Other food crops included wheatmilletbarleyand coffeebut their contribution to the agricultural sector was small.

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Despite poor weather conditions and a lack of agricultural inputs--particularly fertilizer--there was a production increase of 5 percent. Although there were many clear failures with collectivisation, in purely economic terms, it was mainly successful.

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Another problem is that farmin t g does not pay very rich dividends. Essays on agriculture. Thus agriculture is the major occupation, main enterprise and the major lifestyle of the country. Related Posts: There ar many case study phenomenological and grounded theory problems in this field.

In agriculture. There is a general lack of promoting entrepreneurship in the country in general. There is evidence that Nepal has been populated in the mountainous regions for as long as 9, years. Deforestation is eroding topsoil and damaging water sources.

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By approximately 3. Wheat and maize together take up a similar portion of the available land, with harvests of 1 million metric tons and 1. Food insecurity in Nepal has been exacerbated by changing climate, deforestation and the strike of a 7. In agriculture in nepal is determined application letter sample truck driver main source of the economy.

There is virtually no provision of insurance and securitization on the agriculture sector.

Essay agriculture in nepal

The use of chemical fertilizers, introduced in the s, climbed to about 47, metric tons by Essays on. Rice is the most important cereal crop of Nepal. Research and Development: In fact, severe weather fluctuations often affected production levels. A number of factors contributed to the level of inefficiency of the Soviet collectivized system throughout its history, and this essay will discuss these factors and ultimately comment on the key factors responsible for these… History Of California Agriculture Essay on nelson mandela life And Its Effect On The Economy Of California Words 7 Pages To preserve water here in California is particularly important because it is vital part in our economy.

Nepal has many water sources but efforts to provide farmers with irrigation systems have proven inadequate. A considerable livestock population of cattle, goats, and poultry exists, but the quality is poor and produces insufficient food for local needs. Due to lack of collective agricultural systems small familial financial units are created which are incapable of competing with larger established national or international financial enterprises.

They should be provided with high breed seeds. Furthermore, it has been a challenge to retain the agroscientists and technicians in the country as seen in other technical sectors.

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In every agro-ecological zone, priority is given to food crops first and then to cash crops. The educated youth do not wish to pursue agriculture as a career. Crops in Nepal Whether irrigated or rain-fed, rice is the staple crop of the lowland. Support Systems and Infrastructure: Today, kodalo and subsistence.

Nepal Agriculture, Information about Agriculture in Nepal

The seasonal nature of farming leads to widespread underemployment, but programs to grow cash crops and encourage cottage industries have had some success over the years.

Order Now Agriculture in Nepal The major economic source of the majority of the families in our country is agriculture. Still, the weather continues to determine good and bad years for the average farmer.

In the way of doing so, a short briefing about the economy of Bangladesh is given and demonstrated Bangladesh agriculture condition at a glance. Research and Development: Food grains contributed 76 percent of total crop production in With both remnants of the century-old systems and the sparks of modern agriculture systems seen, the major trends of the national agricultural behaviour, systems and production are as follows: Thus agriculture is the major occupation, main enterprise and the major lifestyle of the country.

Although agriculture has to favorable according to the geology and climate, the present trend is that all families across the nation from mountains to the plains and across the east-west channel grow the same varieties of crops and rear the same livestock.

Two-sevenths of the total land is cultivated, of which 1. Increased agricultural activity has placed tremendous stress on the fragile ecosystems of the child labour in developing countries essay, with severe deforestation leading to erosion and flooding that threatens the livelihoods essay on nelson mandela life farmers throughout the country.

Hill farmers feel that millet is highly nutritious for them. It has mountains hills and Tarai or plain land as well as valleys among high hills. This rate is even higher in the mountainous regions. Again their land is divided into small holdings. Whatsapp About sanjeev dhakal Soratemplates is a blogger resources site is a provider of high quality blogger template with premium looking layout and robust design.

Product Diversification: Irrigation, improved seeds, fertilizers, etc. Once an exporter of rice, Nepal now has a food deficit. Beforea feudal system held sway.

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Small farmers constitute the bulk of agriculture in Nepal 64 percent of the total farm familiesbut the average size of operational land holding of small and marginal farmers have been 0. These farmers of the hill regions can produce rice and maize in the summer and wheat, barley, mustard and vegetables in the winter.

In high hills or mountains, potato is the main crop taken as food followed by maize, buckwheat, barley etc. Agriculture in nepal dates back to What are still the economy. This region in the world is very good and suitable for agriculture Nepal has different kinds of to kill a mockingbird title essay structures and climatic regions.

Population increases and environmental degradation have ensured that the minimal gains in agricultural production, owing more to the extension of arable land than to improvements in farming practices, have been cancelled out. There is a need essay agriculture in nepal both improve agricultural productivity and make it more resilient to climate uncertainty and change in general.

The educated youth do not wish essay agriculture in nepal pursue agriculture as a career. Most of the people live in the village. Government efforts to boost the agricultural economy have focused on easing dependence on weather conditions, increasing productivity, and diversifying the range of crops for local consumption, export, and industrial inputs.

There is a poor state of credit provision to the farmers. There are grown different kinds of food and cash crops in Nepal. Because of the cold climate, farmers of this area harvest mostly one crop in a year.

Essay Agriculture in Nepal

Food and. Rural population, india in our country with an agricultural country is agriculture. This is because rice is the staple food commodity of the Nepalese people. Other important commodities that are being adopted by farmers are cauliflower, sunflower, lentils, mushroom and soybean.

Agriculture in Nepal has long been based on subsistence farming, particularly in the hilly regions where peasants derive their living from fragmented plots of land cultivated in difficult conditions. Further, the annual average growth rate of food grain production was only 1. Cash crops should be encouraged.

The best crop-yielding area is Terai, which borders India.