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Brigg Sixth Form, Brigg, North Lincolnshire

Investigation into the language of menus An investigation into the use of minimal responses and interruptions in male and female conversational behaviour. You can compare adverts from different times Relevant extracts with acknowledgements of copyright-protected sources. Do they inform of the risks involved in sex or do they use sex as an entertainment strategy.

A study of Estuary English. Comparing persuasive and rhetorical features in the speeches of two party leaders: The representation of political leaders in broadsheet newspapers. The balance of spoken and written features in text messages.

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How language varies in the coverage of the same news story in the press and in radio and TV journalism. Has text messaging changed society, language and communication?

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Gender and conversational behaviour, looking at interruptions Record a person at work, or within any social group To make the task manageable, you will study a relatively short sample of the text initially the last two chapters of Acts, but this may be reduced. Analyse in terms of target audiences.

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How males and females describe visual art The language of 'Rocky Horror Show' and 'Frankenstein' examining pastiche For help in doing so, try writing to names of local MPs. The variety of assessment styles used, such as data analysis, discursive essays, directed writing, original writing and research-based investigative writing, allows you to develop a wide range of skills.

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The language of TV weather reports [a weak project in the end] Comparing the language used in feature articles in magazines aimed at women and magazines aimed at teenage girls. How different London attractions are sold by their publicity.

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How does the language of 6th formers vary between the common-room and classroom situations? Does the language of personal ads vary depending on gender and sexuality?

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Examine in terms of a few carefully selected e-texts. Do they inform of the risks involved in sex or do they use sex as an entertainment strategy. This book has been chosen as according to the translators St.

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Adaptation of Winnie-the-Pooh for a modern video The prevalence of Black English Vernacular in popular culture. A study of emerging language forms in text messages and on Internet Relay Chat [a highly technical and detailed study by a very able student] Teacher-pupil interaction: Gender stereotyping in any type of text you would like to examine.

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Gossip in the work place in soap operas At all times, you should be aware that you are studying translations made for spoken delivery in public english language a level coursework investigation ideas. Analysis of differences between spoken and written English e.

You need some theoretical model here.

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How does Tony Soprano use language to try to retain power with the women in his life and gain power over his psychiatrist? Subsequent revisions have english language a level coursework investigation ideas made within this tradition, using the KJ text where possible, but altering how to write a business case study template where language change requires this.

Does British English of the last fifteen years still encode sexism?

Brigg Sixth Form

Occupational lexis. Beginning with compounds of the F-word the investigator will look at the morphology of new and variant forms, studying these in context, with regard to pragmatics, metaphor and implication. The language of American and English guitar magazines The conventions of personal adverts.

How does Graham Norton use language to create comedy within the chat show framework? The conversational nature of chat room exchanges A comparison of the conversational behaviour of young adult speakers in single-sex and mixed-sex conversations.

Examine power features employed. The different linguistic features apparent in radio and television rugby commentaries. Changed due to social and fashion development in the last 30 years To what extent did they style-shift, how, and were there differences between them that might be linked to gender?

The language of American and English guitar magazines A study of the Luton accent and dialect.

More Investigation Ideas… A comparison of Business and personal email Writing acquisition in bilingual children Language acquisition in twins The imact of carers on language acuisition How to write a business case study template and message boards Language of extreme sports commentary language of lying - an investigation into the speeches and answers of Richar Nixon Changes in the use of 'Euro' over time The language of Internet and Medicine Comparison of US and UK reporting of terrist incidents Gender english language a level coursework investigation ideas magazine editorials Pseudo-Scientific language in Beauty advertising An investigation into 'Chav-Speak' Generational Language change with families The language of 'official' and 'unofficial' internet sites for rock bands An examination of whether accepted Gender theories hold for the speach of modern young women The Language of Innocent Smoothie Labels The Language of Gendered Instruction: Write an essay on homework there any evidence to suggest that the language of text messaging is undergoing any of the processes of standardisation?

Billy Connolly's use of Scottish dialect as he has developed from local to international performer The 'opening language' of women's magazine advertising.

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TV and radio football commentaries Teachers' comments on A-Level work from Humanities and Sciences. Lexis - look for distinctive lexicon, such as terms peculiar to political context if any. Evidence will be found in use of imperative command forms.

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The language of 'Only Fools and Horses. How is power displayed in the language of political interviews on radio?

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Differences and similarities? History, Drama, Media, Psychology and Modern Foreign Languages, as well as providing an interesting contrast for students taking Sciences or Mathematics. You could possibly choose problem page letters to agony aunts in magazines from different decades.

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The Lang of Telephone sales The language of sports articles in the tabloid and broadsheet press. Scottish and West country speech, looking at the effect of West country context on Scottish speaker Conversation in real life and Eastenders Study of transcribed examples of a regional variety of spoken English — accent and dialect.

A comparison of Enid Blyton and J.

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A Degree in English can lead to a variety of professions e. Do women have less confidence than men in their recognition and use of computer related jargon? Techniques used by Frank Skinner to entertain his audience Gender differences.