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The main change in the quality of postgraduate education is its closer approximation to international standards and requirements, the creation of an auspicious environment for effective interaction between scientific, educational and industrial structures, ensuring a close connection "education - science - production". It has campuses in the capitals of each of the participating countries. Primary school begins at age 6 and there is no specific leaving examination after the 4 years are complete. The literacy rate was 97 percent in when Uzbekistan was part of the Soviet Union.


The Program to restructure Soviet-era system hampered by low budget, poor condition of infrastructure, and loss of teachers.

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In the process of reforms new research directions have been developed in higher education system, scientific schools in the field of university researches have been established, in the framework of which urgent problems of the state and public construction, economy, culture, art and technology are solved. In the mids, a major curriculum reform was begun.

Jun Languages of instruction: The results of large-scale reforms in education and training, the attention paid to the identification and comprehensive support of talented youth, are clearly reflected in the successes and achievements of young Uzbeks, demonstrating a high level of intellectual training and skills at prestigious national and international competitions, contests and sports competitions.

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In a survey by the U. After the break up of the Soviet Union Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan agreed to adopt the Latin alphabet in order to make trade easier and improve relations among themselves and the outside world.

Some school and university administrations, however, continued to pressure teachers and students to refrain from participating in conferences sponsored by diplomatic missions.

EDUCATION IN UZBEKISTAN | Facts and Details In the mids, a major curriculum reform was underway to support the post-Soviet economic and social transformation. We realize one of the main results to accomplishing educational reform is changing the thinking mentality of our people and society This is of great importance.

Experts agree that, as the national economy diversifies and expands, the vocational program must expand its coverage of key industries and streamline its organization, which suffered disorientation in its transition from the rigid Soviet system. Yuldashev Minister how to be better at homework Public Education of Uzbekistan.

The Cabinet of Ministers considers diplomas granted by madrassahs equivalent to other diplomas, enabling graduates of those institutions to continue their education at the university level.

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Examinations in the educational system of Uzbekistan are primarily oral. The basic principals of educational reforms in our republic are democratization and humanization.

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Curriculum included general subjects like philosophy and economy, specialized subjects determined by the chosen profession, and very specific courses depending on the deeper specialization. For example, the Ministry of Education of Turkey assisted in forming 22 Lycea for over 4.

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The retraining of teachers is a priority need taking into account the fundamental changes in the philosophy, content and methods of education. Lack of budgetary support has been more noticeable at the primary and secondary levels, as the government has continued to subsidize university students.

In it had 1, students from 27 countries, more than 90 percent of them from Central Asia.

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However, in the post-Soviet era educational standards education in uzbekistan essay fallen. Training at the CATTC is provided using modern teaching aids, active methods, and individual and group methods by specialists and experts in different fields.

In addition, the Islamic Institute and Islamic University in Tashkent provide higher education religion programs, although the Islamic University in Tashkent is a secular institution.

However, the authorization of the curriculum is still the responsibility of a ministry, not a particular institution.

The enrollment in regular and vocational schools, which covered grades one through social entrepreneurship thesis pdf ages six through sixteenwas 4.

Audiovisual materials dissertation samples human resource management usually manually prepared by teachers.

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Modification and further perfection of the education and socialization content Development of new school, curricula and textbooks Stress on individual ability and talent Vocational and Professional development in accordance with changing economical needs Integrating Uzbekistan with world educational standards At present within the process of transformation of all the social activity and perspectives education in uzbekistan essay the country development, textbooks are being renewed, new subjects are added and teaching staff is being retrained.

This problem is common for all NIS countries.

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