Essay on Cow for Children and Students

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She is very useful to us. Cow is a very calm domestic animal. Basically cow is known as the mother in Hindu religion. From the ancient time, we are worshiping cows as our mother. In India, it is a ritual and custom of worshipping her as a mother.


She is a quadruped animal.

Short Essay on Cow

She likes to graze the grass. Taurine cattle were developed in the Fertile Crescent region while Zebu type were domesticated. She also uses her tail sometime to attack.

  1. Generally, she is used to of grazing green grasses in the fields.
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Cow is very calm and loving domestic animal. Essay on Cow 3 words Cow is my favorite domestic animal.

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She is very useful to us. Cow is a sacred animal.

Essay on Cow for Children and Students

Cow is considered as the holiest animal among all the animals. Students can use any of these cow essay according to their need and requirement in the schools. Not only the cow but also its baby calf is very useful for the farmers. Cow is a huge domestic animal which gives us milk and other important materials.

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Taurine and Zebu. She gives us nutritious milk.

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The cow is a gentle nature animal which gives us so many useful things. The cow eats grass, food, grains, hay and other things.

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Basically cow is known as the mother in Hindu religion. Her nature is epitomized in kamadhenu, the divine which fulfils all the wishes.

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Our aim is to help the students to fulfil the task given by the teacher in the class or any competition organized for essay writing during the national or international events celebration in the school or colleges. So many rare breeds of cow are in danger just because of their beef.

Essay on Cow for Students in English

Even, doctors suggest to their patients to drink cow milk because it is easily digestible. She has two ears. It is very gentle animal by nature.

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Importance It is a female gender of an animal who gives the milk daily two times, in the morning and in the evening. We can get lots of products from the milk given by her like ghee, cream, butter, curd, dahi, whey, condensed milk, variety of sweets, etc.

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The cow is our mother she gives us very nutritious food called milk. She has been reason of our healthy lives education in uzbekistan essay more than thousands of years.

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It is given high status in the society because it is very beneficial to us in many ways. Her back is long and wide. She is generally used of grazing the green grass filed instead of eating at one place. In every state and country, it differs in colour, size as well as in quality.

  • In India, her milk is used as pious liquid in every religious activity.
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She differs in colour, size and physical strength. In Hinduism, cow has various religious significance and worshipped by the Hindu people in India.

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She is very useful domestic animal and well-known as quadruped beast. Bos Indicus: In Hindu tradition, it is believed that Gau Dan is the biggest dan in the world. It is the best food for our body. She is a gentle nature mammal.

Essay on Cow

The each and every part or things of the cow is used by the people. It is not a wild animal and found in many parts of the world. Cow milk makes us healthy and strong. It is told by the doctors to patients to drink cow milk. You can choose anyone according to your necessity.

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Cow milk makes our mind sharp and memory strong if we drink regularly. She is a sacred animal and worshipped in India like a Goddess. Taurine breed of cow was developed in Europe and the second one in south Asia.

First she chews the food well and slowly and swallows to her stomach. Cover letter template for teaching job application is of great importance for the people of Hindu religion. Even Gau-Muttra is used as a medicine. She gives birth to a nice calf after nourishing him for 12 months in her womb.

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She is four footed animal so it is called as quadruped beast also. She eats green grasses, food, grains, hay and other things. Each and everything a cow provides us, has its own importance. It has two big ears, two eyes, and 2 horns on head.

Cow milk is given high status in the society as it is very beneficial to us.

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We should never hurt cows and give them proper food and water timely. Its milk can be changed in many forms such as curd, khoya, paneer, butter, whey, Gee, etc. Cow is worshiped in India as a goddess from the ancient time.

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It is supposed by the Hindus that all 33 cores Devi or Devta lived in her. Her big mouth helps her to chew the fodder. She eats food, grains, green grasses, fodder and other eatable things. After death of cow, her skin is used for making shoes, bags and other leather items. So we should protect such animal.