Adam Worrall - Dissertation (Chapter 3: Method)

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The boundaries of these worlds, and where these worlds fell on the continuum of existing and emergent worlds, was considered emergent from the data, based on the conceptual, theoretical, and operational definitions given in earlier sections and in the coding scheme below. The research questions use and incorporate the definitions, concepts, and propositions of social digital libraries see section 2. The procedures for this were identical to the procedures discussed below for the main interview phase. Each message was examined and codes dissertation slavistik assigned based on its latent meaning and interpretation. This content includes book data and metadata previously sourced from Ingram a book wholesalerlibraries via WorldCat and the catalogs of the American, British, and German national librariesand publishers Chandler,and now from Amazon since their purchase Chandler, ; and user-contributed metadata and content, including shelves, lists, forum posts, events, photos, videos, polls, profile information, and book trivia. Obtaining such a list from LibraryThing and Goodreads—or the group moderators, should they have access to one for their group—would have placed an unreasonable burden on the digital libraries and could have jeopardized their cooperation in and the successful completion of this study. An additional set of demographic and usage questions was part of the survey instrument, in a separate section at the end as montclair state university undergraduate admissions essay by Chapter 3 dissertation sampleas cited in Hank et al.


Data Analysis All interview audio was transcribed by the researcher, who used Audacity software audacity. The invitation letters and informed consent statement; survey instrument; interview questions; a quick reference guide used for coding and analysis; and documentation of approval from LibraryThing, Goodreads, and the FSU Human Subjects Committee are included in appendices.

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Charmaz, Any groups for which the moderator did not provide consent within two weeks were removed from the sample and a new group selected, using the same procedures and initial list of groups. A couple of weeks before this began, the researcher contacted LibraryThing and the moderators of each Goodreads group to inform them of the beginning of the survey.

Chapter 3: Method

Once a thread was displayed on the screen, up to 20 messages from the thread—starting with the earliest messages—were copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word document; one such file was maintained per thread. Codes were only to be applied at the sentence level, with two exceptions as mentioned earlier.

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One School of Information faculty member did volunteer his time to pretest the survey, and chapter 3 dissertation sample input was welcomed alongside the students. Interviews were audio recorded, with interviewee permission; GarageBand apple.

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Each item used the following labels for response choices: Main survey The second stage of data collection was to select the samples discussed in section 3. The design of the survey and interview instruments was influenced by ideas drawn from the literature business plan cost analysis template theories for the study and by elements of interest uncovered during the content analysis phase.

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Goodreads did not consent apa history research paper messaging of Goodreads users for this purpose, so Goodreads users were excluded from this sample. In this study, the overall units of analysis are the two social digital libraries under consideration, LibraryThing and Goodreads; other units of interest include communities, groups, and individuals.

3.1. Research Questions

As with the main sample, the moderator for the Goodreads group selected was contacted to obtain his approval and consent prior to data collection; the moderator of the first group did not respond within two weeks, so a new group was selected.

Determination of this indication was done by looking at the content analysis and survey findings and prioritizing which scores on which variables were most of interest.

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  • Two additional groups, one from LibraryThing and one from Goodreads, were used for a pilot study of the content analysis procedures, selected at random using the same procedure as above but with only criteria c and d applied.

First, each of the methods above required focus on data collection and analysis by the researcher. An operational definition is given for the concept each code represents, as used in the coding and analysis of data from the content analysis and interviews phases.

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The following sections present the coding scheme used for each research question, as revised after the pilot testing. New users replaced the original ones in the sample if the latter did not respond after two to three weeks.


The specific unit of analysis for each method of data collection is discussed in sections 3. Further changes were made after this second cycle. Population and Sampling The broader population of messages could be defined as all messages posted in public LibraryThing and Goodreads groups, but the logistics of constructing a sampling frame for such a population were and are essay of goals and objectives but impossible; it is improbable the two sites would provide data on all messages posted if it is not required of them by law.

Airlines themselves can use such packages to retain customer loyalty and differentiate themselves in a market where deregulation has provided a rather homogenous choice of flights.

Any notes taken not already in digital form were transcribed. Random sampling of groups and threads from the population deemed useful for analysis produced a sample of messages from LibraryThing and Goodreads that can be judged to be quite representative, if not quite equivalent to one generated from simple random sampling since the sampling frames did not include the entire population of groups.

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