Chapter 3—Sustainable Development Strategies: Case Studies

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Li et al. The results indicated that MRPI did not follow the same trends as three Chinese regions that were experiencing economic growth. The first level deals with measuring short-term outcomes, particularly those related to the Department's information products. DEA analysis is simple and clear, and with the projection analysis, the non-DEA effective decision-making unit can be changed into a DEA effective decision-making unit, which can improve the non-DEA direction for problem solving skills university of kent makers. Regarding the evaluation methods used in comprehensive sustainable development research, different scholars utilize different methods, such as the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, analytic hierarchy process, principal component analysis, gray correlation analysis method, and data envelopment analysis DEA. Liu et al. This would allow the Department to provide a more complete picture of the value for money it is providing to Canadians.


Development Progress: environment case studies

The cases in this series are specifically designed to offer a diverse set of real-world examples to help current and future leaders work through detailed economic, environmental, and social trade-offs at the core of all sustainable development decisions. It is noted in the report that a more exhaustive study on the impact of the Kyoto Protocol was to be completed.

The Department's most recent performance report and report on plans and priorities are reasonably transparent with respect to informing Parliament and the public of its decision to extend its deadlines; however, these documents do not make clear the status of the research study on the labour market implications of the Kyoto Protocol.

Case studies | Resources | Sustainable Development Unit The Department's most recent performance report and report on plans and priorities are reasonably transparent with respect to informing Parliament and the public of its decision to extend its deadlines; however, these documents do not make clear the status of the research study on the labour market implications of the Kyoto Protocol. In short, what impact are Industry Canada's actions having?

This model is used to study multi-inputs, and especially multioutputs [ 50 ]. The Department has not indicated how it is going to act on the information contained in either the preliminary study it undertook or the Climate Change Plan for Canada. Most real-world examples are multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, and multi-actor anecdotes describing leaders and decision makers overcoming limited authority and resources.

Department's response. The results indicated that MRPI did not follow the same trends as three Chinese regions that were experiencing economic growth. Second, researchers studied the transformation and sustainable development of resource-based cities. Moreover, the circulation utilization of coal should be performed, and the aluminum industry and traveling industry should be greatly cover letter job accounting clerk.

Abstract Jiaozuo is a typical resource-based city, and its economic transformation has been an example of success in China. In just a few years, the development of the entire city of Jiaozuo has seen a sharp economic upturn.

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Determining progress requires monitoring and assessment over time. The Department told us that it may attempt to report at the level of objectives in its next departmental performance report.

Sustainable development is now included as part of the Department's priorities; along with issues such as trade, investment, and innovation, sustainable development is identified as a core priority. Economic case study on sustainable development of resources are no longer the sole domain of finance ministers nor are environment issues contained exclusively within environment agencies.

However that information has not been audited, unless otherwise indicated in this chapter.

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Success is often only clear in hindsight. We analyzed the sustainable development strategies and relevant files and documents such as performance reports, performance management frameworks, results-based management and accountability frameworks, program evaluation reports, and internal audits. Decision makers at all levels will need practical examples and models to move beyond anecdote to develop effective policy instruments and on-the-ground development practices.

There is also a need for more comprehensive reporting on those types of questions.

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Examples of enabling technologies include advanced manufacturing techniques and materials that enable companies to produce higher quality and more durable products. Another purpose of the framework is to outline tools that can be used to make communities more sustainable, and to establish a process for evaluation and reporting.

Policy-makers and corporate leaders are looking for new ways to improve development outcomes, enhance resource efficiency, promote supply chain integrity, and meet environmental goals—all at once.

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As part of a consolidated progress report on eco-efficiency and environmental technologies to be included in the evaluation, efforts will also be made to include a discussion on information gaps that exist and how they could be addressed.

Because of this, using the relevant data from tothis paper uses the data envelopment analysis DEA model to evaluate development after the transformation of Jiaozuo with the aim of providing a basis for its future developing plan. The Department needs to improve this reporting so that managers can follow the rate of progress on sustainable development objectives.

Department officials informed us that one reason for this is that they have shifted resources to other initiatives related to sustainable communities. Environment Canada needs to be clearer on the results and outcomes it is trying to achieve through better integration. Chen cognitive problem solving activities for preschoolers al. In the fall ofthe Department added a new action item to its chelsea clinton curriculum vitae What are the sustainable development-related knowledge and skill needs in our economy?

Results measurement and reporting need improvement 3. Rees and Wackernagel [ 35 ] recognized that ecological footprints were key to urban sustainability. The results show that DEA was effective in, andwas weakly effective in, andand was ineffective in, meaning of 250 word essay HRDC agrees with the Commissioner's recommendation to clarify the linkages between key departmental activities and sustainable development, and is undertaking this as part of the preparation for, and ongoing work associated with the third sustainable development strategy.

The scope of the objective and the extent of the progress the Department is trying to achieve are also not clear. This includes how they are setting objectives and performance expectations, the rate at which they are implementing commitments, and how they are measuring and reporting performance. Studies were mainly based on the principles of philosophy, sociology [ 1314 ], and demography [ 1516 ], as well as transformation and sustainable development [ 1718 ].

There is no one source of sustainable development expertise or authority. HRDC agrees that further actions to establish a case study on sustainable development of resources formal performance measurement framework will continue with oversight provided by an internal working group specific to the sustainable development strategy. There is also no indication of the type and number of Government On-Line projects an initiative aimed at providing access to government information and services through the Internet it hopes to develop and implement.

All cases in this series were developed as part of an independently designed course entitled Case Studies in Sustainable Development. With the current rise in economic uncertainty and the imbalance of the domestic economy, coordination and sustainability have become important, and the sustainable development of resource-based cities faces severe challenges.

How is this barrier being addressed? For its departmental performance report and future internal progress reports, Industry Canada should expand its reporting to include information on results such as the use, satisfaction, and impact of its products and services.

This series aims to help bridge this gap. Assessing the Department's contribution is especially challenging given that several factors influence the achievement of intermediate and longer-term outcomes. Case study on sustainable development of resources estimation results were in agreement with the actual conditions. Results measurement not taking place 3.

The report also examined possible pressures on skill requirements and training needs. Usmc leadership essay Review 2. Inthe State Council proposed several ideas to promote the sustainable development of resource-based cities, including a guiding ideology, basic principles, and objectives literature review on fish pdf promote the sustainable development essay my dream car resource-based cities microstrip antenna thesis 3 ].

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Liu et al. Are the Department's products meeting their needs? Environmental technologies can result in many of the same benefits as eco-efficiency. For example, to what extent are Canadian businesses adopting eco-efficient practices and environmental technologies?

However the objectives of these programs and initiatives are not included in the Department's sustainable development strategy. Based on cases of circular economies in resource-based cities, Li and Zhang [ 24 ] established a circular economy evaluation index system for resource-based cities using resources, economy, environment, and society to evaluate the main factors that affect the circular economy of resource-based cities.

According to HRDC, it is now going to use the cost impact data contained in the November Climate Change Plan for Canada in place of this more exhaustive study, and considers its target as being met. Hong and Kai [ 28 ] used small industrial mining cities in Shanxi province to propose relevant strategies for sustainable development, primarily analyzing their functional transformation and various problems during their sustainable development efforts.

Green employment Human Resources Development Canada: The Department should use a results chain to link the activities it is undertaking with the longer-term outcomes it is pursuing.

The results showed that the DEA model was both objective and effective.

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Are Canadian citizens getting more co-ordinated, efficient, and effective services? The template is aimed at developing more results-oriented objectives and targets, while serving as a guide for measuring and reporting results. Thus, foreign research on evaluation indexes in sustainable development is rare, generally due to three factors. Promoting sustainable development of resources-based cities is an important measure to protect the supply of resources and maintain sustainable and healthy development for the national economy.

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Industry Canada's actions and achievements form the foundation for achieving outcomes. The paper examined the application of the proposed model in two numerical examples and the results were compared with two current fuzzy DEA models.

Current progress reporting indicates the status of the Department's action items and provides examples of selected achievements involving the Department. We feel that this approach to monitoring and reporting progress will make departments more accountable for their literature review on fish pdf while providing a more in-depth picture of progress toward sustainable development. An important aspect of this updating process will include an assessment of beauty school entrance essay commitments in the current strategy, including objectives related to sustainable communities.

Case Studies

The group will identify areas to improve tracking, measuring, and reporting the Department's progress on its sustainable development commitments especially in areas related to social policy and programs. The Department has also contributed to a study covering a number of issues including environmental labelling.

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  2. It will seek to assess progress towards near-term and longer-term outcomes related to the adoption of, and benefits associated with, eco-efficiency and environmental technologies.

Feng [ 31 ] studied the development of tourism in Jiaozuo and indicated that Jiaozuo tourism was at the development stage according to lifecycle model theory. This framework should include a results chain that links its short-term activities and outputs with long-term outcomes.

The results showed that Jiaozuo had relatively stable, high, and high-pressure carrying capacity. There is little reporting on the extent to which targets are being met, the progress made on the objective as a whole, and essay my dream car outcomes achieved.

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Department officials inform us that while elements have been implemented, the framework is not complete. Although thousands of studies and projects have been implemented since the term was first coined, the process of making and implementing sustainable development decisions on the ground remains abstract and messy. Delays mean that Canadians are not getting answers to important questions regarding sustainable development and employment issues.