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Explanation of the similarities and differences of political concepts Knowledge: Cloture 4. Explanation of the application of political concepts in context Comparison: Is congressional oversight healthy or unhealthy for our system of government? Government and Politics along with the required knowledge essential for informed and active citizens. Prompt Photo IDs and federalism: So your first few paragraphs should be:


Closed rule 5.


Discuss — provide details and examples of something 6. This course will give the student an analytical perspective on U.

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A 3-ring notebook is required for government class and should have 8 sections. Write clearly and concisely.

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What kind of campaign could be run to see it passed? You are not asked for a specific number of examples as in part bso you need to be disciplined. Prompt Gridlock: Government students. The questions you are asked will cover content, concepts, themes and issues from all six areas of the course: It is easy to integrate debates and discussions into the classroom environment.

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The course is designed as a college level course and will require a substantial amount of reading and preparation for each class. Each test will be announced in advance. In it teachers learn a 3-step process of making claims and counter-claims to generate essential questions.

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Define — explain what something means 5. Pay attention to dates and terms.

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The questions will be specific. Prompt Photo IDs and federalism: What is the number of executive orders issued by the current president?

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  2. Explain how the House Rules Committee affects the legislative process.
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Describe — create a picture of something with details and examples 7. During this course the student will analyze, synthesize, and evaluate data and scholarly works, analyze, interpret, and respond to data e. Finally, we have to explain how the House Rules Committee affects the legislative process.

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The filibuster 3. Categorize — sort into groups based on traits or features 9.

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Should corporations be treated as individuals regarding being allowed to donate to political campaigns? Prompt Presidency: Government and Politics practice exam reflecting the redesign is available through your AP Course Audit account.

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Compare a nonrequired Supreme Court case with a required Supreme Court case, explaining how information from the required case is relevant to that in the nonrequired one Argument Essay: Why would voters choose to vote for a third party, even though they know that their candidate has virtually no chance of winning? Explain how these led to the " Great Compromise.

Does citizen participation really matter? Do not be vague.

The filibuster is… 2. Prompt Primaries and caucuses: I did give three different questions, as I have three different classes.

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Encourage your students to visit the AP U. Required Notebook: Course sessions begin May 6th. Should members of Congress vote their conscience or follow the will of the people who elected them into office?

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