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Hypothesis testing results. In other words, agile manufacturing aids the company to manufacture different varieties of products based on the dynamic changes in customer needs in a shorter period of time. View at Google Scholar B. The first paradigm that the manufacturing world adopted was craft production. In order to face this kind of intensified competition, the world witnessed the emergence of agile manufacturing paradigm.


Initially, these researchers began to work on discovering the meaning of agile manufacturing. The customer contacts the company directly through the methods mentioned earlier, and the sales process is initiated instantly and easily.

The results of this research may be influenced by the person who fills the questionnaires. History, Origin, and Meaning of Agile Manufacturing The world began to experience globalization from the s.

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Ebrahim, T. The high investments for implementation, rigid nature of the product, and lack of multiskilled employees are few obstacles of successfully implementing agile manufacturing in industries. Usually, Dell representatives promise that the product will arrive within five business days, although the customer often receives the product sooner.

In order to face this kind of intensified competition, the world witnessed the emergence of agile manufacturing paradigm.

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  2. This breakthrough on supply strategy was made as Dell shared their goals with suppliers.
  3. These researches have been repeatedly reported in literature arena.
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References M. However, end-customers were expecting delivery and installation right after a style and colour were selected. Different agile practices that are adopted by the considered firms to manage their AMS systems are identified based on empirical basis.

Barton, and O. The VSC created an integrated computer networking system, spanning the entire supply chain, making communications all the more efficient. In the first phase, the literature was reviewed to cover letter for fashion retail job the origin of agile manufacturing paradigm and identify its enablers.

Misra, V. Bates, and M. The literature review reported in this paper was carried out in china visa cover letter phases.

Norin and D. The development of Solution Dyed Nylon production process greatly reduces the total cycle time from a number of days to mere hours. Abstract During the recent years, the manufacturing world has been witnessing the application of agile manufacturing paradigm. This search resulted in the identification of three papers reporting the researches on applying agile manufacturing in the free research paper on cerebral palsy industry.

The manufacturing factory receives a printout of the order, and manufacturing processes begin within hours. Chutima and K. Sieger, A.

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Hachicha, F. Badiru, and M. This situation warrants the need to not only review the literature for studying the state-of-the-art researches on agile manufacturing but also explore its exploitation in an industry in which it is yet to find in-depth application.

It was determined that some product rationalization was essential.

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Merat et al. Haapasalo, and J. At this stage, the scope of the literature survey being reported here was restricted to studying the research activities on applying agile manufacturing in the pump industry. View at Scopus M. Mass production paradigm dominated the manufacturing scenario till the s. This global competition enabled the customers to demand products with innovative features at low price and high degree of quality [ 2 — 6 ].

Lee, W. The primary contribution of this paper is successfully analyzing the causal relationship of implementation level of agile production areas and their effect on the AMS using SME methodology. In order to face this competition, the companies started adopting lean manufacturing paradigm which focused on eliminating wastes which occurred during the mass production.

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The key enablers here are good argumentative essay outline lot sizes and minimal cycle times, and fully integrated communications all the way both ends of the supply chain. Acknowledgments The authors are thankful to the anonymous referees for their valuable comments and suggestions which improved the presentation of the paper.

This proves that all the considered agile tactics have a positive effect on AMS. In addition to engineering lean deliver processes, synchronizing material and information flows, and providing fast and transparent communications, the whole project was a success due to a huge technological breakthrough.

Vehkapera, H. The use of IT and other technologies also gives a major boost to the agility needed in this type of production. Literature Review Methodology The literature review being reported here was begun by gathering papers reporting researches on agile manufacturing. From the s, the world began to experience the intensification of competition.

Case Studies - Agile Manufacturing

Joint Task Forces were then set up between the fibre manufacturer and selected mills. It was also discernable that certain research works have been initiated to apply agile manufacturing paradigm in pump industry.

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The details of carrying out the activities under these two phases are presented in the subsequent birthday party by katherine brush essay of this paper. Manufacturing is characterised by a made thesis statement for belonging order production plan where a single job usually contains only one style of clothing with varying colours and sizes to meet different orders from many cover letter for fashion retail job.

In order to meet the dynamic demands of the customers, few companies in the world acquired agile capabilities to manufacture innovative products within a short period of time to withstand the global competition [ 7 ]. Table 1 Agility enablers reported in literature arena. Sarhadi, and A. Assen, E. These papers were studied in detail. Causey, F. Downtime birthday party by katherine brush essay reduced by half, and average changeover times reduced from 4 hours to 15 minutes, quality costs reduced, and streamlined material flow engineered throughout the chain.

All items loaded significantly on their corresponding constructs at the 0. Definitions and Meaning of Agile Manufacturing The formation of agile forum at Iacocca Institute in Lehigh University resulted in a considerable number of researches in effecting agile manufacturing in different companies.

Agile manufacturing research: accomplishments and opportunities | SpringerLink

Particularly, the humankind that lived during ancient days would have sharpened the stones for killing animals. The modern mobile phone manufacturing companies have been problem solving bmj and selling several models of mobile phones with amazing innovative features. Masmoudi, and M. A very apt example to be cited to support this claim is the capabilities being demonstrated in contemporary days by the mobile phone manufacturing companies.

Kumar, and U. Estimates of the relations in the AMS are investigated and summarized as shown in Figure 2. The details of these activities are briefly reported in the following sections of this paper.

1. Introduction

For instance, the automobile sector has been imbibing agile manufacturing principles spontaneously, as different models of cars are manufactured in this sector to fulfill the different tastes and requirements of customers. In this case, the technological breakthrough which was needed and achieved, required the fibre to be dyed uniformly before it was woven as a rug.

Quinn, G. The correlation analyses show that all model constructs have a positive correlation with overall AMS model. In fact, the holistic implementation of agile manufacturing in the pump industry is yet to be examined by the researchers. Korpela, and M. This paper concludes that the existence of 36 different agile approaches can be adopted by the different firms to enhance their competitiveness.

Then, researches in the direction of achieving agile manufacturing were pursued by forming agile forum at Iacocca Institute in Lehigh University, USA.

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Thus, the problem was to shorten this long process supply chain to fit within the one week time window. A study of these definitions would indicate that the researchers viewed agile manufacturing paradigm as the post-mass production concept which focuses on meeting the global competition by quickly responding to the dynamic demands of the customers [ 12 ]. Furthermore agile manufacturing paradigm enables an organization to supply products according to the choice and specifications of the customer.

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Shamsuddin, R. However, some manufacturing industries which are yet to implement agile manufacturing have spontaneously imbibed agile manufacturing principles. Hans, and S. Hypothesis testing results. During china visa cover letter second phase, the researches reported on applying agile manufacturing in pump industry were reviewed. The results ensure that SEM is the correct method for investigating the relationship model between the eight-constructs considered in this study.

Li-Hua and T. Few authors like Gunasekaran and Yusuf [ 10 ] and Jin-Hai et al. It helps in creating an integration between design and production departments, and between the manufacture cover letter for fashion retail job marketplace. Table Discussion of Results This paper investigates the causal relationship model among implementation of thirty-six different agile tactics.

The results show that the model fit is good.

An Informal Introduction to Ethnography.

This breakthrough on supply essay on fashion for class 9 was made as Dell shared their goals with suppliers. It may be worthwhile to focus future research on modeling the implementation of lean production practices, such as kanban, just agile manufacturing case study pdf time JITpull production control strategy, and so forth, [ 60 ] and to compare and link essay on fashion for class 9 expected results with those concluded here.

This scenario fueled the global competition myself 20 years from now essay companies situated in various parts of the world [ 1 ]. By doing a monthly stock rotation and having a daily entry of orders and feedback inline with market demands, helps in adjusting production immediately and so have the right item collections in shops every month.

Wang, and T. Each computer is customer-built, and all necessary software and hardware testing is carried out in less than a day. Prince and J. Though agile manufacturing has been adding certain industries agile manufacturing case study pdf face the competition, its application in many other industries is not significantly reported. Thus, the mobile phone manufacturers are capable of quickly responding to the dynamic demands of the customers.

Vinodh, G. Thus, smart manufacturing industry like mobile phone manufacturing industry flourishes by either implicitly or explicitly adopting agile manufacturing paradigm, whereas many traditional industries are still struggling to flourish in today's competitive world.