50 problem solving techniques. MA3E7 Problem Solving

The children need to be encouraged to keep track of their working as they manipulate the equipment. It is an effective strategy for demonstration purposes in front of the whole class. But 60 pigs plus 8 chickens is only 68 animals so we have landed nearly 20 animals short.


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We want to know how things are connected and how things work and this is made easier if we can find patterns. Young children especially, enjoy using Act it Out.

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  3. This module provides an underpinning for subsequent mathematical modules.

One of the difficulties with using equipment is keeping track of the solution. Children themselves take the role of things in the problem. We have, however, found it a useful strategy when students have had trouble coming to grips with a problem.

One example of this type is Fertiliser Measurement, level 4. It also establishes links across curriculum areas. But it is important in many other situations too. Some strategies can give you an idea of how you might tackle a problem.

MA3E7 Problem Solving

It takes 8 chickens to produce 16 legs. Generally speaking, any object that can be used in some way to represent the situation the children are trying to solve, is equipment. Intended Outcomes Learning objectives The intended outcomes are that by the end of the module you should be able to: There are pros and cons for this strategy.

The idea is that you use your first incorrect guess to make an improved next guess.

Problem Solving Strategies | nzmaths

Finally working backwards is a standard strategy that only seems to have restricted use. In relatively 50 problem solving techniques problems like that, it is often fairly easy to see how to improve the last guess.

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The Farmyard Problem: But 60 pigs plus 8 chickens is only 68 animals so we have landed nearly 20 animals short. Now 60 pigs would have legs. And it also means following an idea for a while to see where it leads, rather than jumping about all over the place chasing lots of possible ideas.

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  • Being Systematic, Keeping Track, Looking For Patterns and Using Symmetry are different from the strategies we have talked about above in that they are over-arching strategies.
  • How many pigs are there in the farmyard?

Often there is a little calculation or whatever in this corner, and another one over there, and another one just here. It should provide you with the confidence to tackle unfamiliar 50 problem solving techniques, think through solutions and present rigorous and convincing arguments for your conjectures.

While only small amounts of mathematical content will be used in this course which will extend directly into other courses, the skills developed should have wide ranging applicability.

Problem Solving Strategies

In many ways looking for patterns is what mathematics is all about. Then we come to use known skills. Term 2 Status for Mathematics students: This even applies to their explorations.

Playing Noughts and crosses, for instance, you will have realised that there are three and not nine ways to put the first symbol down. If there are they will account for legs. We have found that this kind of poster provides good revision for children.

The on-looking children may be more interested in acting it out because other children are involved.

MA3E7 Problem Solving

Sometimes, though, the children acting out the problem may get less out of the exercise than the children watching. Use Equipment is a strategy related to Act it Out. On this page we discuss Problem Solving Strategies under three headings.

Through these links, children can see that mathematics is not only connected by skills but also by processes.

If you are not careful, they may try to use it all the time. Actually the same thing is true for acting it out. For example, shopping lists are generally not organised. A little thought might make them organised. Patterns make things easier because they tell us how a group of objects acts in the same way. Supposed we guessed 60 pigs for a total of legs.

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So keeping track is particularly important with Act it Out and Using Equipment. We know that there are 87 animals and so the number of pigs plus the number of chickens must add up to There are a number of ways of using Make a Table. As you can see with the chickens and pigs, discussed above, regular picture drawing develops into drawing a diagram.

  • One example of this type is Fertiliser Measurement, level 4.
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  • How about reducing the number of pigs to 50?

These are Act it Out and Use Equipment. It is very important to keep track of your work.

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It frequently turns out to holidays homework of dav public school brs nagar ludhiana worth looking at what happens at the end of a game and then work backward to the beginning, in order to see what moves are best.